Editing & Printing Options


∙ Text (double--click)
∙ Font (single-click)
∙ Font Color (single-click)
∙ Background Color (click "background")
∙ Add your own images (drag & drop into "images" section)
∙ Multiple Languages (Click text + click "A" in edit bar for special characters)


∙ PDF - Professional or at home printing
∙ JPG - Professional printing (see link below to save)
∙ PNG - Email or social sharing


With these templates, you can print at home or with a professional printing service. 

Home Printing: 
- Most Templates: PDF + Save Paper + Show Trim
- Envelopes: PDF (select NO other options)

Local Print Shop:
- May accept PDF + Save Paper + Show Trim
- May accept PDF + "Bleed"

Professional Print (VistaPrint)
- Will Accept PDF + "Show Bleed"
- Will Accept JPEG + "Show Bleed"
* Does not currently offer one-off printing such as place cards, envelope addressing, single bridesmaid proposal cards, etc. They have a 10-20 card minimum.