What is Templett?

Templett is an online editor that allows you to personalize your templates without installing any software or fonts. You can open Templett in any internet window (works best in Chrome), edit, and download print your wedding templates in minutes - saving you hundreds of dollars along the way. 

You will need a computer to access Templett.com. Mobile editing is not yet supported.V

Not at all! Templett can be accessed right in your internet browser window. We recommend using Google Chrome.

You bet! You absolutely do not have to be tech savvy for these templates. It's as easy as personalizing your template, downloading it, and having it printed. If you don't know where to print, we recommend VistaPrint

1. You will receive an email from Templett.com with a link to access your template. 
2. Make you changes to the template, save your work, and download. 
3. Print anywhere. We recommend VistaPrint! Save 20% at VistaPrint (discount taken at checkout)

Editing Options

You bet! You'll find that the text is 100% editable in most of the templates. Glitter or foil text, however, is not editable. To see what text is editable in your dream design - visit the product description to try the demo link!

Most templates support the changing of the font. We have many beautiful fonts to choose from.  To change the font or font color, you'll single-click on any text and make your changes in the edit bar. (Glitter text cannot be changed in font or font color.)

In most templates, you'll be able to edit the font color and the background color. The graphics in most templates cannot be edited. To see what can be edited for your item of choice, visit the product description and try out the demo link.

The sizes/orientation of the templates are not editable. You can find out what sizes are offered by visiting the item description. Printing from outside the US? No problem! All of the templates are set up for seamless printing with VistaPrint. They print and ship to 45 countries. Click here to save 20% at VistaPrint.

Of course! To add your own photo, click on the side of the template you want to add it , and drag and drop it into the "Images" section of the template. Once it's added to your images section, just click it and will will pop into your design.

Certainly! While not all of the fonts support multiple languages, many of them do. To view any font's special characters, highlight the letter you would like to change and click the "A" in the edit bar.

Printing Options

You can use these templates to print anywhere. We recommend VistaPrint and are happy to be able to offer 20% off your order with them if you choose to print there.


PROFESSIONAL PRINTING: Download as a JPEG or PDF with the "Bleed" option selected.

HOME PRINTING: Download as a PDF with the "Save Paper" & "Show Trim Marks" options selected.


It is recommended to print on high-quality stock paper. Select a stock of at least 100lb or more.

Absolutely! To send any invitation electronically, download as a JPEG or PNG and send away! If you prefer an e-vite envelope experience, visit Paperless Post to upload your custom design.

SIZE/ORIENTATION: Please review each item description for the included sizes. Not sure about printing from another country? These sizes work great with VistaPrint which ships worldwide!

OBJECT PLACEMENT:  Most artwork is locked in place and cannot be moved or edited.

ARTWORK COLORS: Most artwork is locked and cannot be changed in color. Try the demo link in each item description to see precisely what colors can be changed.

ARTWORK: Most artwork is locked in place and cannot be moved or edited.

Try Before You Buy

Absolutely! Each listing contains a link to try the specific template before purchase. All of the editing features in the demo will be the same as the purchased version. However, you will not be able to save or download the template while using the demo. 

Click here to demo a selection of products

Custom Orders

Sorry, we are not not currently offering customizations to items currently listed in the shop or new design requests. Please read the item description carefully before purchase, try the demo in the description, and seek clarification before purchase.


Feel free to send us a message, we are happy to assist you with any issues concerning your template. :) 

The viewing, printing or downloading of any content, graphics or templates from unmeasuredevents.com is solely for your own personal/small business use and not for republication, distribution, sale or other use. No part of any content, description or template may be reproduced in any form.

Unmeasured Events reserves the right to revoke access to a template if the user fails to comply with these terms.

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Closed on weekends & holidays

If you have any questions or run into trouble with your order, please contact us. We are available for support during business hours and do our best to respond within 48 hours of your request.

Due to the nature of instant digital templates, refunds/exchanges cannot be issued once the template is accessed or downloaded via Templett. If you have an issue with your purchase, please contact us.