For The Bohemian Bride- The Best Boho Accessories For Your Bridal Shower

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Planning a bridal shower involves a lot of different elements, and picking a theme is one of those that can feel overwhelming. There are so many different ones to choose from, and you might not even know where to start. Why not a Boho Bridal Shower? Boho is in and it's no surprise that it's a very popular style and theme for a bridal shower. For the bride that loves this look and wants to incorporate it into her bridal shower, you're in luck. We've got the best accessories and party decorations to help you plan a bridal shower we know you'll love. Keep reading as we show you everything you need for a boho bridal shower that will surely impress.

Boho Style Invitations & Signage

Keep your party very much on theme and set the tone by starting off with boho inspired invitations and party signage. This invitation and welcome sign feature watercolor dry pampas grass, florals, and a handwritten signature font that combine for an adorable design. Start off your event with the invitation, measuring in at 5x7" with all wording completely editable so that your girls can get excited and know what the party theme is, as well as all the little details. Add in a welcome sign that matches your invitations- this welcome sign comes in sizes of either 24x18" or 36x24", so you can find the one that's best for you. Just like the invitation, all wording can be edited for your personalization. A design tip- keep your event stationery similar for a cohesive and pretty look- we have everything you're looking for from this collection HERE. All of these stationery pieces can be printed at home, or any professional printer. Looking for a professional? We recommend our favorite printer Prints of Love! They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. 🍃 A win-win for your events and the environment. Now that's truly boho chic.

CIERA Collection Bridal Shower Invite by Unmeasured Events

CIERA Collection Welcome Sign by Unmeasured Events

Gift Tote Bags

Give your girls a little gift for being a part of your beautiful day with these handmade canvas tote bags. Featuring a cute geometrical and bohemian style graphic, these tote bags are water, sand, and stain resistant that are also incredibly easy to clean. Measuring in at 15"x 15.5", these are a great size for holding plenty, and are fun for the beach! You can never have too many tote bags in our opinion, and your girls will appreciate the gifts. Something else we love, is this company also makes matching drink coolers and hair tie holders, so you can even put a few little extras inside. Wonderful if you're planning a beach or poolside bridal shower.

Boho Tote Bag by Love Mia Co

Champagne Wall & Balloon Arch

Forget your regular mimosa bar set up- add a champagne wall to really add some glamour for serving your champagne, mimosas or cocktails. These rental walls are a cute and decorative way to have your drinks on display. It holds all of the party drinks in one spot and will be a guest favorite. Complete the look with a matching color schemed balloon arch to create something cute and fun that everyone will be raving about. Available in either pink or white for your choosing, complete with a pretty silver "champagne" heading. Don't forget the matching balloon arch- we recommend picking colors that compliment the rest of your party for a design that will be sure to impress.

Champagne & Balloon Arch by Balloons and Blooms by Monica

Mimosa Flavoring Sugar Cubes

Having a mimosa bar? Although having a variety of juices present is a great option, these adorably designed sugar cubes add just the right amount of flavor to your champagne if you like your mimosas a little heavy on the bubbly or even want more of a Bellini style cocktail. Available in Peaches & Berry or Citrus (both a regular version and a shimmering option), there are six cubes of the same one in each container. These are a great way to take your champagne cocktails from ordinary to extraordinary, and are a great alternative to just regular old juice. Your mimosa bar will be anything but boring!

Mimosa Sugar Cubes by Uncommon Goods

Boho Wide Brimmed Floral Hat

Wide brimmed hats are very much in style and are the perfect boho accessory, and this hat takes it to the next level with a decorative flowered version. This custom felt hat is handmade with dried silk florals, pampas grass pieces and a variety of other plants for a look that is the definition of boho chic. This shop makes individual pieces for a look that is truly one of a kind and will surely be the ultimate accessory for your bridal party outfit. We love this blush pink and white version which is perfect for a bridal shower, but can also be made in another color upon request if you want something different.

Boho Bridal Hat by Livingon Trend

Boho Bridal Shower Dress

You're going to need something to wear to your bridal shower, and why not this white bohemian flowy gown? This is the perfect dress for a summer bridal shower, with open sleeves and a long airy skirt for room to breathe. Handmade, it's completely machine washable and made from materials that will keep you cool. We love the low plunging neckline for a feminine touch and fun detailing with the buttons and ties. Great for the bride who wants to keep her bohemian look and still wants to wear something white. This style is simple enough where you can add as many accessories as you want without being overwhelming and will look nothing but beautiful.

White Boho Dress by Cinnamon Village

Boho Inspired Floral Arrangements

You can never go wrong with adding flowers or floral arrangements to any event, especially a bridal shower. This dried flower arrangement will last well beyond your bridal shower and doesn't require water or sunlight, so maintenance is easy! Made from pampas grass, palm spears, babysbreath, range leaf, crystal grass, and pericarp flowers for a bouquet that stuns. They make for a nice boho look to your table setups, creating a gorgeous bohemian design. These are so pretty, you'll never want to take them off your tables!

Boho Floral Arrangement by Hitomi Gift

Boho Inspired Cake Topper

Having cake at your bridal shower? Don't forget to give it a nice finish with a cute cake topper. This bohemian inspired version is made of bleached grass, bunny tails, blush pampas, pampas grass, and a large palm spear, all expertly curated to create a beautiful and unique cake topper. The stems measure in at 4" with the overall piece coming in at between 7-8", making it the perfect size for your bridal shower cake. You can order one piece for a solo topper, or a few to create a staggered and creative style.

Boho Cake Topper by Love Kade

Fringe Umbrella & Decorative Boho Accents

If you're having your bridal party outdoors, this is the ultimate outdoor setup. We are in love with this macrame umbrella and matching half-moon accent walls, which are perfect for either decoration, or as table stands for you to place food and drink. Keep yourselves in the shade and do it in style with the fringe umbrella while you celebrate. A fun addition to your party decor, try using accordion plinths (bottom left) to create a unique setup and design. This entire outdoor look can be used for a photo backdrop, food station, or really anything you want. All pieces seen in the photo below can be purchased through the company (visit their instagram page or this post below for exact pricing) for your party needs.

Fringe Umbrella & Accessories by Simple Luxe Events

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