Buena Vista Bohemian Dream Wedding At The Surf Hotel

This weeks real wedding is one to behold. Our featured couple, Colby & Cody, were married out in the mountains of Colorado, at The Surf Hotel in Buena Vista, a stunning boutique hotel in a tiny little mountain town tucked away just two hours outside Denver. With sweeping mountain views, and gorgeous backdrops, it's clear why it was a perfect place to say their "I do's". Professional photographer Sarah Kempers was on hand to make sure the beauty and magic of their special day was captured, and all we can say is "wow". Everything about it was beyond impeccable. Their wedding is one of the most stunning and dreamy we've been lucky to witness. You won't believe how breathtaking everything turned out, and we can't wait for you to take it all in. Follow along to see the most beautiful Colorado mountain wedding. You've just got to see it to believe it. 

We definitely teared up seeing these photos! The beautiful bride had not one, not two, but three first looks with all of the important men in her life, and it looked every bit as incredible as we would have imagined. There were hugs and of course, happy tears to go around, and we can only imagine the emotion. She looked absolutely stunning in her lace off the shoulder wedding gown, and their reactions were nothing short of sweet. First looks are always some of our favorite moments from a wedding gallery- they're the beginning of something special, and we never get tired of seeing them. She had her first look with her future husband, Cody last, and you can see from the look on his face how excited he was to see her. The couple shared a few quiet moments together taking it all in, savoring the time they had together. It's clearly visible that it was special and emotional for them as well, and that's incredibly beautiful. 

The couple then posed with their bridal party, who were all dressed beautifully. The colors everyone wore were magnificent! The bridesmaids were dressed in rich turquoise dresses and matching boho bouquets - they all look gorgeous and their smiles are everything! Groomsmen wore traditional black suit and tie combinations, looking happy and handsome, and when they stood next to everyone it was the perfect color design. Afterwards, it was time for their outdoor ceremony. The head of their alter was a triangle centerpiece, decorated with boho floral arrangements, and the beauty of the aspen trees in the background. As family and friends watched on, the couple exchanged their vows, holding hands and patiently listening as the ceremony took place. They each shared vows that they'd written for one another, and shed more than a few tears. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they cemented the moment with a sweet and romantic kiss, delighting their guests who were more than happy to celebrate the couple. It all truly looked like a fairytale ceremony. 

bohemian pampas wedding ceremony with triangle arch and  teal bridesmaids dresses

After their ceremony, the couple spend some time alone to be together and to take some couple photographs. They way these two look at each other shows how much love there is between them, and it's an unforgettable thing to see. And honestly, we can't decide what's more beautiful in these photographs- the stunning views of the mountains and colorful leaves in the background, or the two of them together- just look at these photos! Words simply won't do these photos justice, so we'll leave these here for you to obsess over. 

This reception setup is a dark and dreamy style that we are so in love with! The all black settings, the pampas grass centerpieces- it was all perfection. We love how the couple kept their colors black and white, with a few scatterings of rich colors, which are clearly visible in the geodes, and cookies they had available. We love the geodes- they were decorated with gold calligraphy lettering that listed table numbers, and were also used as nameplates. Little details like that always stand out and we can't get enough. One of the cutest items is the little coloring pages they had made of themselves- the drawings look exactly like them- how fun is that?! Guests were treated to dinner and dancing and the evening was spent congratulating and wishing the newlyweds well. Although we weren't there, we know it was a night to remember. Of course, we can't leave out the couple's boho wedding cake, which looks pretty and delicious, with a personalized cake topper and pampas grass side piece. Underneath the glowing chandelier lights, it looks like something out of a dream that you don't want to wake up from. 

As the day came to an end, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife which was full of romance, and plenty of passionate kisses. Family and friends smiled and watched on as the couple celebrated their special day. It was such a magical way to end the evening, and to begin their next chapter together. We want to extend a big congratulations to the happy couple- we wish you nothing but happiness and all the best. Cheers to your new adventure!


Used at their reception, the couple chose several pieces from two of our best selling collections. They chose our custom ADELLA wedding welcome sign for a minimalist feel and pretty design that welcomed guests as they entered the reception. The couple also chose two pieces from our JOVI Collection. This collection design features handwritten fonts and a modern minimalist design with a black and white color combination. It was the best combination of stationery products to match their black and white reception decor, and to keep it simple and elegant. The black and white stationery kept their wedding day looks cohesive and effortlessly beautiful. 

ADELLA Welcome Sign

Ok, we are OBSESSED with the boho floral arrangement at the top of our wedding sign- it's absolutely perfect! Our popular welcome sign features a modern minimalist design mixed with an edgy handwritten font. The couple chose to not have it placed on a stand, but rather opted for thicker cut foam board to keep it sturdy. For this look, select the 24x36" foam board option from the site.

ADELLA Personalized Thank You

Placed on guests dinner plates at the reception, Colby & Cody used these ADELLA table thank you cards. The couple chose to write a beautiful and personal message to all of their guests. That's the beauty of our products- they are customizable so you can create the perfect stationery pieces for your events. The edgy handwritten fonts complement its pretty design, and we love how they added their names at the bottom. Easily change the colors to match your color palette.

Customizable templates are available in the following sizes:

∙ Table Thank You - 5x7"
∙ Table Thank You - 3.5x8.5" (pictured below)

JOVI Custom Signage

One of the most creative and hilarious custom signs we've seen at a wedding, we love what these two have created with our JOVI Collection sign. Our 8x10" custom wedding sign template features a modern minimalist design with fully editable wording with the same black and white color pairing as their dinner menu, and can be printed in either landscape or portrait mode. It's the perfect sign for when you want to say something that has special meaning for you. Place this sign in a picture frame or on a metal stand as seen below to keep it in prime condition. 

This Colorado boho wedding was an absolute dream to be a part of, even as just a tiny part and we are so lucky to be able to view these photos. The boho vibes were out of this world and gorgeously swoon worthy. We always love being included and seeing our work in action and are always humbled and incredibly grateful. What did you think of their Buena Vista wedding? Let us know- send us a message via Etsy or our Instagram so we can hear your thoughts. Already planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! We're always here to help make event planning fun and easy. Don't miss the 10% off savings discount below for easy to use DIY templates to help make your events easy and beautiful. 


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Videographer | @addymullinfilmco
Venue | @surfhotelbv
Stationery | @unmeasuredevents
Florist #1 | @growingwild
Florist #2 | @strikingstems
Bridal Boutique | @unbridaled
Bride's Dress | @ruedeseinebridal
Bride's Earrings | @alichristinebridal
HMU | @thedaycolorado
Rentals | @wallflowerrentalsanddecor
Cake Topper | @rawkrft
Invitations | @nikipressdesigns
Vow Books | @printsmittenpaperco
Macrame Bouquet Wrap | @wildwoodcreativeshop
Custom Napkins | @rubiandlib

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