Planning Tips- Why & When You Should Send Birth Announcements

There is simply nothing more precious and sweet than your baby's birth. Their arrival is something to be celebrated, and showing them off to the world can be so special. It's your way to say "hello world, meet the newest member"! Your baby will only be a newborn once, and presenting them to all your loved ones to post on their fridge is an incredible right of passage. Of course, there is nothing wrong with deciding to not share an announcement, and everyone has reasons for why they want to or not. But if you're thinking this is something you'd like to do, or your not sure, we're here to help. Keep reading for our reasons why you should send a birth announcement, along with some ideas and helpful tips to make it just a little bit easier, like when to send it, and who should be receiving a notice.

You are excited about your baby being a part of the world, and your lives, and there are other people in your lives who will be too. A birth announcement is a cute way to introduce your little one to your inner circle, and all of the loved ones in your life who you know will be excited about the news. You've been on a long nine month journey, watching your belly grow, and experiencing pregnancy. Sharing the news is a way to show the end of being pregnant, and the beginning of being a mom, and parents, to this cute little bundle of joy. You get to show the world this tiny little person who you've been waiting to meet, with their name and forever cemented marks of their development like their weight and even first photos. There's no wrong way to announce the birth of your baby, and it's an exciting next step as you show off you beautiful newborn.

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Obviously, your newborn will only be a newborn for so long, so you don't want to wait too long after their birth to announce their arrival. Sooner is better, but if your time has been more preoccupied with other things (like being new parents and taking care of a baby), it's perfectly fine to wait. People will understand that you've been busy with other things, so no need to stress about getting yours out by a certain date. Anywhere from right away to about six months is the window to aim for- anything later than six months is considered too far out from your new baby's birth to announce their arrival, as they'll be half way to a year old at that point. You can always do some work on the announcement prior to baby's birth by finding a template you like, writing out your intended message and prepping envelopes for easy send offs. You'll have all the other information about the baby (weight, name, date of birth) once they're born, and that info can easily be filled in on the template you've picked. Remembr- it's important to do this on your own timeline, and not on anyone else's.

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Make a list of all the family and friends that would love to receive an announcement of your baby's arrival, and who you consider to be an important part of your life. This includes those that may not live nearby, but who would still be just as excited to find out that your little one has been born. You should also include people who attended your baby shower (if you had one), as they most likely bought the baby a gift and were there to celebrate this exciting change. Collect their addresses if you don't already have them, so that creating your mail out list is easier. It's also always a good idea to print off a few extra copies as a "just in case", so that if you do happen to forget someone (it happens), you've got one at the ready to mail or handout. If you have a large list of people you're looking to tell and want to watch what you're spending, a virtual invite is always a great option to send out to the masses while still watching your budget.

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If you chose to use an announcement that features your baby's first photographs, it's the perfect opportunity to use the ones you love the most. Find a template that allows you to use as few or as many photographs as you'd like, and start from there. You can even turn it into a postcard version, with a cute photo and details on the front, and a sweet little message on the back. However you choose to present baby's first photographs, there is no wrong way to go about it. Sharing the cuteness of your newborn with their first photographs is something special- trust us, you can never have or share too many photographs of your new arrival and the beginning of their lives. Loved ones will be so excited to receive this piece of news that just happens to be much more adorable than any other piece of mail.

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Announcement cards, and even virtual versions, make for an irreplaceable memento of your little one's growth. It's a physical and visual reminder of what baby looked like right at the beginning of their lives. For printed versions, you can frame them, put them in a baby book, or keep somewhere safe where you store all of your other important items. Family and friends can also use the announcement as a souvenir, and they'll love looking back to see how far baby has come along. Typical details on an announcement include- baby's full name, date of birth, weight and height at time of birth, parents names, any siblings, and even a little welcome message. Some announcements even have the city or country where baby was born. Being able to have something so personal will help you remember how far they've come, and just how small they one were. Nothing is more memorable or precious.

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Whether you're looking to have something printed, or you're looking for a budget friendly option, there's a birth announcement template that's perfect for what you want. There are templates with minimalist designs that are modern and stylish, and there's stationery pieces that have colorful graphics or drawings if that's more what you're into. You can add photos and heartfelt messages, or just a short message about your baby's first look into the world. Some designs can also double as postcards, so if you're wanting to hand write something personal, you can have that option. There are also virtual invites, which as mentioned earlier, are perfect if you're looking to send an announcement on a budget. Whichever style you chose, make it your own special creation. Personalization is key, and since there's no one like your baby, having something customized just for them will feel magical and one of a kind, just like they are.

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We can't recommend birth announcements enough! They are a cute and fun way to show the world your precious little one's arrival, and they make for adorable mementos. Did you send a birth announcement and want to share your thoughts? Let us know- we want to hear from you. Drop us a message via Etsy or Instagram to connect and share, or if you have any questions or comments. Planning an event like a baby shower, wedding, or any other party? That's where we come in. Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.