Wedding Planning- Why You Should Consider Eloping

You're engaged and starting to seriously think about wedding planning, and you realize there is so much to consider! There are many different styles, ideas, and even sizes for a wedding. You might be wondering which choice is best for you and your partner. If you've been thinking about possibly eloping instead of having an actual wedding, but aren't sure that it's right for you, that's totally understandable. It can be stressful to even think about eloping- you might feel societal or internal pressures to have a wedding just like everyone else. It's perfectly fine to decide that you want something to different. If you're not sure about elopement or curious about why it might be better, keep reading. Below are some of the best reasons to chose an elopement as the method in which you and your forever love say your "I do's".

Maybe you and your partner are more low key or reserved, and the idea of having tons of people at your wedding just seems like too much. That's perfectly ok! A large wedding certainly isn't for everyone. After all, your wedding is about the both of you, not the size of the party. With an elopement, you get an intimate ceremony where you can truly focus on one another. Even if you want it to be intimate and small, it doesn't necessarily have to be just you and your partner. Including a few key family members in an elopement can also be just as romantic and close. Something important to consider when you're thinking on this, is how intimate do you want your wedding to be? With an elopement, it could just be you and your partner, or even one or two people- that's completely up to you. You get to decide. It also affords you to get some privacy, which isn't always possible when you host a more traditional ceremony. Larger affaires won't allow for the same personal feel, along with the added element of alone time, and that can be overwhelming for some. Sometimes a smaller, more intimate ceremony is much better for everyone.

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Let's be completely honest- weddings can be expensive. They are oftentimes more pricey than you had initially thought. The nationwide average is upwards of $20,000! Everything from the venue, to the flowers, to the centerpieces- it all starts to add up. Even if you and your partner have been saving for it, you could end up spending more than you wanted. If you would rather spend that money on something different like a down payment for a house, or an exotic honeymoon, eloping might be for you. It's also important to consider that you might not want to break the bank for a wedding- you and your partner have to decide if it's best for you both, and what that could mean for the future. Depending on your budget and finances, having a large wedding might mean that you have to sacrifice other things down the line. Your wedding is special, and it can be just as incredible by keeping costs to a minimum. Sitting down with your partner and having an honest conversation about finances can help you determine what's best for you both.

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As much as you'd like, it's not always 100% possible to include everyone in important events. There are a variety of different reasons for this- the venue you booked only holds a certain numbers of guests, or your wedding budget only allows for a set number of people. Sometimes there are people you simply don't want to attend your wedding, and you might feel obligated to invite them (coworkers, family members, acquaintances)- after all, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But ask yourselves if it would make you happier to avoid all the drama. By choosing to elope, you mostly can. Even if you opt to have just a few family members, or even one to two friends, it's way less stressful thank figuring out who to keep off the guests list. People will understand when you tell them you're eloping that it will only be just the two of you, or just those closest to you both. Whether it's just you and your partner, or a small number of people, it's much less stress overall than figuring out an extended invite list.

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The beauty of making the choice to elope is that you can take you nuptials on the road- the world is your oyster. Anywhere on the map can be your potential elopement getaway of choice. You and your partner could go for a destination elopement- turn your dream vacation into a wedding. The freedom of going with an elopement also offers so much flexibility. If you decide to hop on a plane to Europe, there's no worry about everyone not being able to make. Since it would be just the two of you (or even a couple of others), there's less worry about travel plans with a ton of people. Even with a destination wedding, there's a ton of coordination to make it happen. If you do decide to go with an elopement, the money you might have been saving for your dream wedding can be used to take a trip you wouldn't otherwise have been able to. How amazing does that sound? Looking for some unique locations to have a destination elopement? Check out our list right HERE.

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With planning an event, there are oftentimes dozens of details that need to be sorted out, and a wedding is no different. Things like ordering table settings, making sure you booked the right caterer, or arranging your reception seating chart. All of that takes a lot of effort, and requires you to pay very close attention to detail. And honestly, that's not for everyone. You might find that planning your dream wedding is actually more stressful than it is enjoyable, and that's just not how it should be. Larger weddings can sometimes take upwards of a year to plan- that's a lot of time! You and your partner are busy people, and you might not even have the proper time to dedicate to it. Elopements can oftentimes take a significantly lower amount of time to coordinate. You could plan it in an entire weekend if you wanted! If you would rather focus your time and energy on other aspects of your life, an elopement is a perfect choice.

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With an elopement, you can do just about anything you'd like. Take a drive up to the mountains, or the beach- even the courthouse if that's your style. But you can also make it something completely unique that's unlike anything else. Hire a photographer and turn an engagement or couple's photo session into an impromptu elopement. Throw a dinner party with just a small number of family and friends and surprise them with a ceremony. You can even get married without anyone but you and your partner present- in some states, Colorado being one, they recognize self solemnization , meaning you don't need an officiant present to acknowledge your union. You can just walk into any county clerks office with your proper identification and file you marriage license with the state- that's it. Maybe you and your partner love the outdoors and want to elope in a national park, which you can't really do with a bigger group of people. How romantic would it be to say your "I do's" in a beautiful and preserved nature setting? There's plenty of information about how to make this a reality in THIS ARTICLE. It's a perfect opportunity to make your nuptials as unique as you.

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Sometimes with a more traditional or larger wedding, there is pressure to wear "proper wedding attire"- meaning your standard white gown or black tuxedo look. Even if that's not your normal style, or you don't find it appealing, you might feel that it's something you have to do. With an elopement, the rules of wedding day looks go right out the window. There's no rule that says you must put on something you don't want to. It's also the perfect opportunity to go more casual. If you're having a beach elopement, wear something you'll feel cute and relaxed in- a long flowy gown or suit and tie combo might not be what works for you. You can wear whatever you feel most beautiful and comfortable in, and there's no wrong answer. So pick out the colorful dress, or white two-piece look. You can even go makeup free if you're feeling it. The important thing is to do what would make you and your partner the happiest. Whether it's just the two of you, or a small number of guests, there's less pressure to dress how society would want or expect. An elopement can allow you to be true to yourselves, which is something to be celebrated.

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The Bottom Line:

When it comes to deciding whether or not eloping is for you and your partner, the most important thing to remember is that the decision is up to you both. Make the choice that is best for you and will make the two of you happy- no one else. Ultimately it comes down the fact that your wedding style should be your choice. Sit down together and figure out what is most important regarding your wedding day. Questions to ask yourselves are things such as "what is our number one priority for getting married", "would we be happier if we kept it smaller" or "would we enjoy the day more if we kept it intimate"? You simply cannot please everyone, so focus instead on doing what would bring you both the most joy. After all, a wedding is supposed to be about the celebration of love for you two, and nothing else.

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Even though you tied the knot without all of your family and friends, or just a small number of them, you can still include them by sending something in the mail to announce your big news. Incorporate your family in friends into your special day by sending them an elopement announcement with all of the details and a few photos, or your favorite one from your elopement. If you're including a few family members or friends, send them an announcement that lets them know what type of ceremony you'll be having along with all of the important details. You can send one afterwards as well to share your surprise with loved ones. They can also double as post-elopement invitations for a party or reception to celebrate your newlywed status.

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