Rebecca & Amon's Gorgeous Philadelphia Wedding

This week, our featured couple, Rebecca & Amon were married in Philadelphia, having a traditional church ceremony followed by a gorgeous reception downtown. It was elegant, romantic, and nothing short of spectacular. Photographer Tom Russo was there from start to finish, beautifully capturing the couple's memorable event. He was kind enough to share these photos with us, and we are incredibly grateful. Their special day was the perfect example of more classically traditional wedding, with so many beautiful details we just can't wait to share with you. Keep reading to take a look at our featured couple this week- we know you'll love their wedding like we did.

The couple opted for a first look before their ceremony and it looked so sweet! It's always so lovely to be able to witness moments like these, and we feel incredibly lucky. We can only imagine the nervousness that was felt by Amon as he waited for Rebecca to walk up to him. The look on his face when he sees her for the first time is so romantic, and we can't blame him- she looks incredible! They both had an emotional and sweet reaction to seeing one another in their respective wedding looks for the first time, and it's something we never tire of watching. The two of them embraced and shared in a few intimate moments together before the rest of their day, taking it all in and experiencing pre-wedding butterflies. It was such a wonderful part of their special day, and we're grateful to be able to watch it unfold.

Once their first look was over, they posed for couple's photographs. The lighting on these photos is incredibly unique, with an edgy feel and a darker appearance, but still beautiful shot. We can't get enough of the way these two look at each other, and we can see how in love they are. They even made time to dance a little, as Amon twirled Rebecca around, proudly showing her off. She was absolutely stunning in her lace bodice gown, complete with a long train and classic sheer veil. Her hair was perfectly tied back to showcase her features, highlighting her beauty. The final touch was her floral bouquet-a mixture of white and light blush flowers with greenery pieces flowing for a beautiful bridal bouquet. Not to be forgotten, Amon looked equally handsome in his classic black suit ant bowtie, expertly tailored just to him. They make such a lovely couple, and these photos proudly show it. If you look closely in the last photo, you can see their reflection in the painting on the wall, showing us a mirror image of these two dancing- how amazing!

The day then followed with a church ceremony in a beautiful and luminous chapel. As family and friends watched on, the couple's ceremony took place, where they participated in the church service, listening to their priest, and taking it all in. They exchanged their wedding vows, holding hands and never taking their off one another, sharing their love with each other with everyone to hear. Both bride and groom held huge smiles on their faces through the entire thing, their excitement and happiness on full display. We can see how much they love each other, and it's incredibly moving. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they celebrated with a kiss, with cheers and celebration from the church pews resonating. Making their way back down the aisle, they stopped along the way to sneak in more kisses, proudly showing off their love and excitement, and celebrating their brand new life together.

After their church ceremony, the couple posed for family and bridal portraits and then made their way to their reception. It was hosted at The Logan Hotel in downtown Philadelphia, and it looked amazing! The dark linens mixed with white versions and candles made their tables stand out in the best way possible. There was dinner and dancing, as the couple celebrated with all of their loved ones. Of course, we can't leave out the cake cutting portion of their evening which looked wonderful. Their four tiered white cake featured a green and gold center, decorated with gold ribbon and florals that was simply incredible. They look like they are having the time of their lives and we can't blame them! Although we weren't physically present, we can only imagine what a truly special and magical evening this was for the happy couple.

As the day wound down, the couple ended the evening sharing their first dance as newlyweds, and spending time with their loved ones. They look so in love throughout every single one of their photos, and it's wonderful to see. Rebecca & Amon are such a cute and lovely couple, and we wish them nothing but the best. Congratulations to the newlyweds- cheers to your new adventure!


The couple chose to use several pieces from the ADELLA Collection, which features a modern minimalist design, along with an edgy handwritten font. It's perfect for a style that's elegant and minimalist, with added glamor. For their wedding weekend, they went with a watercolor painting of the Philadelphia skyline itinerary and welcome letter that showcased their wedding city. Their stationery style matched their wedding design, and kept a similar and cohesive look that made their wedding day look beautiful.

PHILADELPHIA Watercolor Skyline Welcome Itinerary

Welcoming guests as they arrived for the weekend, Rebecca & Amon went with an itinerary template that represented Philadelphia (far left and far right stationery pieces). This 5x7" welcome note and itinerary template features a watercolor painting of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a front and backside, and 70 copy and paste icons are included. You can alter and change the icons to perfectly match the events you have planned for your wedding day, or wedding weekend. Graphic detailed icons really add a little something extra that your guests will love. Of course, these templates are also fully editable, minus the watercolor painting, and can be printed at home for your convenience. Note: the wedding itinerary and invitation in the middle are not from Unmeasured Events

ADELLA "Take a Seat" Seating Chart

For their wedding reception, the couple used this seating chart for guests to find their seating arrangements. This template is 100% editable, and you can even add photos to make it one of a kind. Similar to our welcome signs, we recommend utilizing our favorite printer Prints of Love. They can help with larger sturdier pieces, so you know you're getting the best stationery pieces possible from a pro.

Common questions received about sizes for how many guests are as follows for this landscape mode chart:

∙ Seating Chart - 18x24" (150 guests)

∙ Seating Chart - 24x36" (up to 380 guests)

∙ Seating Chart - 18x24" (200 guests)

ADELLA Table Numbers

At the center of their gorgeous reception tables, Amon & Rebecca used the ADELLA table numbers for seating arrangements, and added some glamour by placing them in gold holder frames. These table numbers come in sizes of either 4x6" or 5x7" (pictured below) and can be edited with any wording needed. The simple but elegant style makes their tables gorgeously minimalist with a little extra style

ADELLA Signature Drink Sign

At their reception, the couple went with this fun custom drink sign to showcase their signature wedding reception cocktails. This printable signature drink sign template features a handwritten font and a modern minimalist design with over 140 watercolor drink graphics to choose from. Sized at either 5x7", 8x10" (pictured below), or even 16x20", there's a size perfect for your needs. Whatever your cocktail of choice, nothing is cuter than a watercolor print sign to go with it. We love how they completely made it their own!

What an absolutely stunning wedding these two had! It was so beautiful and we feel so lucky to have even been just a small part of it. We are always so humbled to see our work in a real world event and always feel so grateful. What was your favorite part of their wedding day- let us know your thoughts on Instagram or Etsy. For more wedding inspiration like this, subscribe to our list! Planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! We're here to help. Don't miss the 10% off savings discount below. If you have any questions about anything you see here, shoot us a message.


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