10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

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Your favorite newlywed couple is getting hitched and you want to find a gift that just doesn’t get put in a box only to be re-gifted back to you (sad... but true story!) We've compiled a list of our top 10 unique wedding gift ideas that will ensure your status as best gift giver ever! :)

If you're looking for something elegant and classic, you can't go wrong with these amazing coasters. Everyone loves new coasters and the newlyweds will be dying to use these beauties ASAP! Get them now from Wood and Min on Etsy.com.

These custom wedding wine labels celebrate the best days of the newlywed's lives. Grab a few of bottles of your couple's favorite wine and slap one of these beauties right over the top. Label them for the biggest 'firsts' in their lives for a unique and personalized gift. Find them HERE.

You only need one look at these beautiful doormats to know a great gift when you see one. With multiple styles to choose from, you're guaranteed to find one fitting for your favorite couple. Get it customized with the newlywed's names for an ultra-unique housewarming present.

What makes a custom doormat even more extraordinary? How about adding another intricate visual for a home or apartment. Nothing says "we're a new family" like a customized family door hanging. (We're still in awe how gorgeous these are!)

There's no better way to highlight where your couple met or where they got married with this intricate framed paper map. Hand crafted by artist Karen O'Leary, these masterpieces are sure to impress.

Is a wedding even a wedding if copious photos aren't taken and posted all over the socials? Please! Capture every moment for your newlywed's special day with these custom Snapchat Geofilters. The bride and company will love seeing and saving every memory. Trust us, guests will be asking who set up this unique gift!

These unique ceramic mugs feature artistically painted characters made by Shelly Klein on Uncommon Goods. One side of the mug features the artistic depiction of the person and the other side can display the last name of the family. Such a cute and clever way to do his and hers mugs in a brand new light.

Nothing says romantic dinner for two like this personalized charcuterie set. Throw in a bottle of your couple's favorite wine and you have a gift for the ages. We recommend choosing 'option 3' which includes a custom engraved board, 2 engraved wine glasses, 2 personalized coasters, the gold basket pictured above, eucalyptus, white linen, and an engraved name tag. This gift is so adorable that you don't even need to wrap it, it's ready to go as-is.

What's not to love about these incredible digital illustrations!? We see these illustrations floating around from time to time but none have the detail we see in Nicole's! Check out the intricacy of that floral bouquet and lace bridal gown. This gift totally tips the scale in terms of uniqueness and your newlywed couple is sure to be absolutely obsessed.

One of the most intimate parts of a wedding is signing the marriage certificate. Often, couple's complete this portion of their marriage on a courthouse document totally voiding the beauty in the consecration of their marriage. Bring elegance to their wedding ceremony with these custom vows marriage certificates. Allow the newlywed to write their own vows to one another and sign this gorgeous certificate on their special day. Encourage them to hang this above their bed as a sign of their eternal love for one another. The absolute perfect wedding keepsake.
Have you tried any of the unique gift items mentioned above? If so, we want to know about it! Comment below with your experiences with these amazing items or share one that isn't listed! We cannot wait to hear about your favorite unique gift-giving ideas!


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