13 Swoon Worthy Engagement Rings

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Engagement season is right around the corner! The holidays are quite often when couples get engaged, and there's a lot of daydreaming involved when thinking about it. If engagement rings are a part of that for you, you know that there are so many different types of rings you could want. All of the different cuts and styles, colors and sizes. There's so much to think about! No need to overthink it, looking at rings should be fun. Whether you want a classic style, or something unique, there's something out there for you. Keep reading to see our list of rings that you will certainly be swooning over.

Princess Cut Style Diamond Ring

A popular style for an engagement ring is the princess cut. It's simple and classic, and will forever be timeless. The band is set in white gold for a cohesive look that adds a little more shine. Pave diamonds line both sides of the band for even more sparkle that is sure to catch people's attention! This style of ring is offered in a few different carat sizes, so you can find what works for you.

White Gold Princess Cut Ring by ORD Diamonds

Blue Sandstone and Rose Gold Ring

Not all engagement rings need to be diamonds rings. In fact, the options and styles are endless! If your style is more boho and unique, and you're looking for something different, there's a variety of gemstones for you to choose from. This vintage blue sandstone and half moon diamond ring is set in recycled rose gold with a double band for a style that will turn heads.

Vintage Blue Sandstone Ring by NY Fine Jewelry

White Sapphire Ring

White Sapphire is so underrated. Clear and almost holographic, it's incredibly beautiful. Although the most common color is blue, the stone comes in a variety of colors. We love this almost three carat white sapphire ring set in a 14K white gold band. Simple but stunning, it's perfect for the bride who loves minimalism but still wants her special ring to offer a big amount of shine.

White Sapphire and White Gold Ring by White Sapphire Rings

Green Emerald and White Gold Ring

Colored gemstones are very quickly becoming more and more popular for brides when choosing their engagement rings. A classic gemstone that will set your look apart is the green emerald. This emerald and diamond circular cut ring are set in white gold for a pretty vintage feel. There's something elegant about an emerald ring, and this one is certainly one of our favorites!

Green Emerald and White Gold Ring by Gali Warshai

Diamond Ring with Pink Diamonds

If you're looking for a diamond ring that will grab people's attention, this is it. A large white emerald cut diamond with pink diamonds backed with a rose gold plate encircling it, the stone is set in a pave designed platinum band. This is an untraditional take on a traditional style engagement ring. Everyone will be wanting to grab your hand to take a peek at this absolute stunner.

Diamond and Pink Diamond Ring by Tiffany & Co

Pear Shaped Diamond and Platinum Ring

This large pear shaped diamond ring is truly a statement piece. Created in a lab, you'll feel better knowing it's cruelty free and made to the highest of quality, all while being priced lower than your typical diamond. A pear shaped diamond is a fun alternative to a traditional engagement ring, and you'll be dying to show it off. This half carat piece is a wonderful amount of sparkle.

Pear Shaped

Diamond Ring by The Art of Jewels

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring

There's something so timeless and elegant about blue sapphires, and this Tacori piece proves it. This three stone ring features cadillac cut blue sapphires and a beautiful round cut diamond in the center. Set in platinum with a diamond band, it's bound to be a show stopper. Made by one of the world's premier diamond companies, it's a quality piece that will stand the test of time.

Three Stone Diamond Sapphire Ring by Tacori

Black Diamond and Rose Gold Ring

Black diamonds and rose gold? Oh yes! This boho style engagement ring is simply one of a kind. Created by a husband and wife team, this company creates ethically sourced, cruelty free rings that are each crafted differently so no two rings are ever the same. Featured in VOGUE, both the company and this ring style are sure to be all the rage for unique engagement rings.

Black Diamond and Rose Gold Ring by Rhodes Wedding CO

Vintage Art Deco Alexandrite Ring

We love this Art Deco, vintage style 14k gold ring. The large center gem is Alexandrite, a color changing stone that moves with light and is considered one of the rarest gems in the world. It's circular band features moissanite gems for an extra pretty touch. The twisted band is a small detail that adds to its appeal. Handcrafted and cut directly from the craftsman's makes it a work of art.

Alexandrite and Rose Gold Ring by Winsome Gift

Emerald Cut with Pave Diamonds Ring

Another timeless and classical look is the Emerald cut diamond. Elizabeth Taylor even chose this style! A glamorous and understated design is what makes this ring absolutely beautiful. At almost two carats, it's set perfectly on a white gold band with a collection of pave diamonds on each side. It will be something you can wear for all of eternity and will always look incredible.

Emerald and Pave Cut Diamond Ring by The Real Diamond Com

Antique European Halo Cut Ring

What's not to love about an antique style diamond? This beautiful halo cut ring is less than a carat but it still brings a lot to the table. If you're looking for a smaller diamond that still pops, you can't go wrong with a simple, sleek center stone that has a a pave band and accent stones all around. A little sparkle can go a long way. Custom made to fit, it's a ring that you'll love to show off.

One Carat Halo Cut Diamond Ring by Beautiful Petra

Classic Round Cut Ring

One of the most simplistic but classic styles is the large stone with no extra distractions. It's a beautiful ring style that isn't too flashy but is incredibly pretty. The great thing about this look is that no matter what the carat size is, the overall design works with just about everything. A definitive and sophisticated look for the bride who wants a ring that doesn't demand too much attention.

Round Cut Diamond Ring by Adiamor Diamonds

14K Gold Lunar Moonstone Ring

If you're looking for a handmade ring that won't break the bank but is totally unique, this is it. Made from 14K recycled gold, the large glowing moonstone is surrounded by opalescent blue sapphires, giving it its boho vintage look. One of a kind and good for the environment? Who doesn't love that? Brides who love gemstones or who don't love diamonds will be all over this style.

14K Moonstone Ring by Emilie Shapiro

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