5 Reasons why a Staycation is better than a Honeymoon

Who says you have to have your honeymoon in a far away exotic location? You can still have an amazing honeymoon without all the jet setting, simply by staying at home. You might even find that the idea of a staycation sounds so much better than a traditional getaway. If you're thinking about staying home rather than jumping on a plane after your wedding, you're in luck! We've got 5 reasons why having your honeymoon at home is a better way to go.

Whether you spent tons of money on your wedding, or you and your partner are saving up for your dream home, saving money is a big reason to skip the destination honeymoon. Between plane tickets, hotels, and restaurant bills, it can all add up pretty quickly. Maybe you simply don't have the money in your budget for a honeymoon and that's perfectly fine. There is no law that says an incredible honeymoon has to cost an arm and a leg. You can stay in, or even spend a long weekend somewhere close by without breaking your bank account and still have an amazing experience. Start a savings account with any funds you received during your wedding so that you have some money for anything you and your partner might want or need for your futures.

If the idea of planning a trip immediately after your wedding sounds stressful, this is the perfect reason to have a staycation. Especially if you had a larger wedding that required a lot of your time and energy, the last thing you would want to do is more scheduling and checking calendars. With a staycation, there's no checking flight times or scheduling activities- you can simply just be. Even staying at a local hotel involves almost little to no planning compared to travel and destination trips. Give yourself a break from your google calendar and just let your "schedule" during your staycation happen naturally, sans itineraries.

Spending time together as a newlywed couple is an exciting part of being married, so why not use your honeymoon time as an opportunity to really take time settling into married life together. You can take your time and start building on the life you're ready to start creating. When you and your partner do come "back to reality", you'll feel like you had time to take things at a slower pace and start to adjust to a new phase of your relationship. You and your partner can focus on just being together without the distractions and glamour of a vacation honeymoon. Even better is that taking a staycation honeymoon will allow you both to get back into your everyday activities easier and without the fatigue of returning from vacation.

You and your partner might be completely exhausted after your wedding- all the planning, events, and socializing can really take its toll over time. The fact of the matter is that you might just be too tired, and that's totally fine! Instead of immediately jumping into something else, a staycation can be the R&R you're looking for. Rather than worrying about everything that comes with traveling, you could be staying in bed all day ordering takeout while enjoying a movie marathon. You could even sleep all day if that's what you really wanted! Sometimes that can be way more relaxing than hanging out all day by the beach or drinking fancy cocktails somewhere exotic.

Traveling is a wonderful experience and it can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a tad stressful at times. Whether it's you or your partner, if either one of you does a ton of travel already, it might just feel like too much. This is especially true if you had a destination wedding or you have future plans that require hopping on a plane. There's plenty of time in the future to take a vacation, so give yourself permission to take it easy and just stay in. You can spend your time together doing what makes you both happy instead of rushing to get to the airport or stressing over how much an Uber costs. Now doesn't that sound just a little more enjoyable instead of a getaway?

What do you think about the idea of a staycation instead of a honeymoon? What do you think is the best reason for a staycation instead? Let us know- we want to hear from you! Reach out via Etsy or Instagram to connect with us. Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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