6 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Propose to Your Ladies

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Now that you've said yes to the love of your life, it's your turn to ask the most important ladies in your life if they'll stand by your side on your special day. How exciting that you get to give a proposal of your own! We know that you want it to be personal and meaningful for each one of the ladies you choose to ask. You want to choose a gift or a way to ask your ladies that shows them just how important they are to you, and how much their support means. If you're not sure where to start, no need to worry. We've collected a few ideas that we know your ladies will love, and will have them shouting "yes"! Keep reading to see what we've got.

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

These are great, especially if any of the women you want to ask live far from you. They can be customized with personalized photos and messaging, so that each of your ladies feels special when they receive them in the mail. Add a personal note to show your ladies just how much they mean to you. These are also perfect to add to other bridesmaid proposal gifts, so that they know how important it is to have them there with you on your wedding day. A bonus? These can be printed out or sent electronically via text or email.

ADELLA Collection Bridesmaid Proposal Card by Unmeasured Events

Personalized Floral Robes

Give your bridesmaids a personalized bridesmaid satin robe that they can use long after the ceremony is over. Your ladies can wear them while you're getting ready on your wedding day for a little extra pampering. You can inscribe the back of these robes with "bridesmaid", "maid of honor", or their initials to personalize them to your preference. They will remember your wedding day each time they put it on, and all of the fun memories that comes along with them.

Floral Satin Bridesmaid Robes by Lamariee New York

Champagne Surprise Boxes

Instead of the standard customized Champagne flutes, why not give them a little something extra? Two Champagne flutes, a bottle of bubbly, and some confetti sounds so much better! You can choose from a variety of bubbly or wine selections to make each box unique for each of your gals. Want even more reason to celebrate? A portion of each sale goes towards a non-profit to help grow and support communities around the country. We'll cheers to that!

Champagne Celebration Set Gift box by One Hope

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies

For the bride who has a sweet tooth, send your ladies customized cookies. These creations look almost too cute to eat. It's a fun and creative way to ask someone to be a part of your bridal party. Cookies can be customized with your wedding colors, a little message, or anything you want! It's not your typical way of asking your ladies, but it's definitely one of the most delicious. We love the little calendar ones below!

Personalized Bridesmaid Cookies by Cookie Deaux Creations

Personalized Skinny Bar Necklaces

We love these skinny bar necklaces- they are truly one of a kind. Instead of a monogrammed or initialed letter necklace, these allow you to write out their name, or add something a bit more personal like your wedding date. They'll love how personal and one of a kind this gift is. The necklaces small, sleek design is perfect for the minimalist bride who doesn't want her bridesmaids to wear flashy jewelry, but still wants to make a statement.

Custom Skinny Bar Necklaces by Custom Brites

Personalized Candle Labels

Custom candles are a great gift- not only do they make your home smell wonderful, they can also be used as little decorations that can displayed. Overtime your ladies see their name and light these up, they'll be reminded of your friendship and all of your memories together. These labels will stick to any candle jar or surface easily for whatever size you need. If you're looking for candles, we recommend these as they come in a variety of sizes and scents for you to choose from, so you can truly make them as personal as possible.

ISABELLA Collection Custom Candle Label by Unmeasured Events

What did you think of our bridesmaid proposal ideas? Let us know! Send us a message via Instagram or Etsy. Either way, we want to hear from you! For more inspiration like this, subscribe to our list to get your weekly dose straight to your inbox. We know that planning hosting an event can be stressful-let us take some of the stress away with our easy to use DIY templates.


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