6 Groom Style Trends for the 2022 Wedding Season

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Let's talk about the men for a moment because we promise we haven't forgotten about them! If the man in your life is looking for a style for his wedding day that is more than just a black suit and tie, we've got you covered. There are plenty of options to choose from that are anything but boring. Men's fashion has been upping its wedding day game recently, and we are here for it! Picking a suit for his wedding day can be a bit overwhelming, but he doesn't have to worry. Here are six groom style trends that will be heating up the 2022 season that can help him decide on his wedding day style, plus a few little something extras at the end.

Bold Pops Of Color

Traditional Black suits and tuxedos will always be in style, bit don't overlook colors for a wedding day suit. Color is having a moment in the wedding world with menswear and it's about time! Pastels like blush pink, Kennedy blue, and lavender are perfect for spring or summer weddings and can be matched with wedding day florals in more neutral shades. For more of a bold color look, shades like emerald green, burgundy, and deep cerulean blue are perfect and they add a romantic and moody feel to his style. We love the overall color of a three piece suit for this look to really pull it together.

Emerald Green 3 Piece Suit by Luqman Art and Design

Men's 3-Piece Dusty Rose Slim Fit Tuxedo by Grooms Den


What exactly do we mean when we say "microprints"? Microprint is a style of pattern that is just smaller than a patterned design, rather than an overall large print pattern. Think polka dots or checkered prints, but much smaller and blended together for a unique look. It can be a statement piece such as with a jacket or blazer, or an all over look with a matching suit set. These prints stand out on their own, so keeping the rest of your wedding day attire minimalist here is key. This look gives a twist on regular suit patterns that offers style and a luxurious look all at once.

Navy Microprint Blazer by State & Liberty

Alexander Microprint Jacket by Benetti Menswear

Tan, Brown and Lighter Neutral Toned Suits

Completely on the opposite side of the spectrum from bold colors, neutral tones like beige and brown are great suit alternatives to your standard black suit and tie. We love neutrals because they go with just about everything, keeping it in line with a more minimalist vibe. Earth colored browns, tans, and off-whites will definitely be more prevalent on the wedding scene this upcoming season for menswear. Tan is a great option for summer and destination weddings to help keep you cool, and keep it relaxed with an open white shirt and no tie. Rich browns and deeper toned neutrals will work well for outdoor weddings that have more of a bohemian style, or for winter weddings where the colors might be cooler. There are plenty of options when it comes to these color palettes, and we can't wait to see all of the ways this trend was worn!

Mens 3 Piece Earth Brown Suit by Luqman Art and Design

Mens 2 Piece Beige Wedding Suit by Tanish Q DesignsCo

Large Checkered Pattern Suits

It seems as if fashion enjoys traveling from one extreme to the next and men's style is no different. Rather than a microprint style suit, take it in the opposite direction with a suit that will truly stand out and turn heads. Large checkered prints, whether in one color palette like the blue suit below, or more of tartan style, red and black, looks incredibly stylish. It's a great way to add patterns and colors, creating a look that is completely out of the ordinary. This style is perfect for the man who wants to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Red and Black Checkered Tartan Suit by Brooks Brothers

Navy Blue Large Checkered Suit by Suitablee

Velvet Jackets & Blazers

This is a great trend for the upcoming season for the man who is not afraid to take fashion risks! Velvet for men has been making a comeback lately, and it will continue to heat up for the upcoming wedding season. Velvet isn't a commonly used fabric, but it definitely makes a statement. Bold velvet jackets can level up your suit game, creating an unexpectedly chic appearance. For this particular fabric, darker colors work best since it's quite thick, making it a great option for weddings in the winter months. It even gives off a little bit of a James Bond energy, especially with a white shirt and bowtie.

Mens Teal Velvet Blazer by Amor by Anshul

Marc Darcy Velvet Blazers by Red Woking

Floral and Bold Print Ties

Forget your standard one colored tie- bold colors, patterns, and florals are a fun way to dress up a suit, especially if it's a standard black suit or neutral toned choice. Colors that match your wedding day style, or the brides attire are the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your wedding day look and it will add some fun flair to your suit game. Large print florals on a skinny tie spruce up a standard neutral suit, putting your look on full display. 70's style paisley prints are perfect for the groom who has more of a bohemian style and loves to stand out. If you're looking to add a statement piece to your traditional suit, a flashy tie is just the thing.

Orange and Blue Paisley Floral Tie by 2 Ties

Black Floral Skinny Tie by My Tie Shop

BONUS: Groomsman Proposal & Style Cards

Much like asking your ladies to be your bridesmaids, your man will need to ask the guys in his life to stand up alongside him on his wedding day too. Rather than just having him asking them face to face, make that moment just a bit more special. Why not DIY printable cards that he can send in the mail or attach to a groomsmen gift, where he can even personalize them with their names? Also similar to the bridesmaid style cards, these groomsman counterparts can give the men a helping hand for their wedding day attire. You can add colors, names, and all of the event day info right on the card so that they have all of the information they need for their wedding day groomsmen duties. Looking for more wedding day stationery suited for men? See our ideas HERE

RILEY Collection "Suit Up" Proposal Template by Unmeasured Events

MARLO Collection Groomsmen Style Card Template by Unmeasured Events

What do you think of our groom style trends for the upcoming 2022 Wedding Season? Let us know! Questions or comments? Send us an email via Etsy or Instagram- we want to hear from you! For more inspiration like this, subscribe to our list to get your weekly dose straight to your inbox. Planning an Event? Let us help! Visit our Etsy shop for our easy to use DIY templates to make event planning as easy as possible.


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