8 Items You Need For The Perfect Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

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If you're planning a bachelorette party and want a fun theme that will have all your ladies shouting "Let's go girls!", (cue Shania Twain)- why not consider a disco cowgirl party? This bachelorette party theme has become more popular over the last few years, and with good reason- it's cute and definitely not boring. This is a themed party that you and all your girls will love. We've gathered a few items to help make this party one for the books. Keep reading for must have items for your best disco cowgirl bachelorette.

Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Invitation

Every party needs an invitation to let guests know about a celebration. Let your girls know exactly what type of party they're in for with these adorable custom bachelorette invites. This custom print features space cowgirl inspired silver glitter, retro fonts, Nashville accents and cow hide print. Completely customizable, you can edit this template to fit your party needs, and it's easy to download or print. It also doubles as a bachelorette party itinerary, so guests can see what fun events you've got in store.

DINA Collection Disco Bachelorette Invitation by Unmeasured Events

Balloon Arch

Balloons are always a good addition to any party. They're fun, and a relatively cheap decoration that everyone loves. Rather than just having regular balloons scattered throughout, add in a balloon arch to give your party a different look. This pink and cow colored set can brighten up a regular wall or can be placed above an entryway as guests walk into the party. You can even make the balloons a photo backdrop spot! For an easy, fun and inexpensive decoration, you can't go wrong with a colorful balloon arch.

Pink Cowgirl Theme Ballon Arch by Shop Stag and Hen

Globe Shaped Babe and Bride Cups

Instead of regular plastic cups for your bachelorette, add a unique and fun twist with these round globe shaped cups. They are designed to look like tiny, clear disco balls and their rounded bottoms make them easy to hold or transport. These cups are available in a couple of different sizes and offer an opening at the top to add a straw. You can customize the cups with either "bride" or "babe", or even with your girls names written in a cute handwritten font for a fun party favor. We'll cheers to that!

Babe and Bride Globe Cups by Hearty Holiday

Disco Cowgirl Paper Straws

How adorable are these disco cowgirl straws?! These paper straws feature a black and white cow design, and have an attached glitter pink cowgirl hat. They are sure to be a hit with guests and will look super cute in your party photos and instagram posts.

Use them in the disco ball cups to avoid using more plastic and give your cups a cute little accessory to dress them up! Paper straws are also better for the environment because they are one hundred percent recyclable compared to plastic ones.

Disco Cowgirl Paper Straws by Ready Confetti Supply

Boho Disco Fringe Jacket

For the bride to be, this boho fringe jacket is an absolute must have item at her disco cowgirl bachelorette. This lightweight jacket features all over silver sequins to give your outfit the appearance of being a walking disco ball, showing off a lot of sparkle and shine! The sleeves and back are decorated with thick, silver fringe for a fun and festive style that will sway along with you as you dance the night away. Your disco cowgirl bachelorette outfit is not complete without this amazing jacket we know that you'll love.

Disco Jacket by Flutter Dresses

Cowgirl Hat

If you're having a disco cowgirl bachelorette, a pink fuzzy cowgirl hat is a non negotiable. There is no better accessory for the bride's cowgirl outfit than this hat- it even has rhinestones around the rim! This handmade pink fuzzy hat features a white boa around the rim, and hand painted X's and O's. There are also pink rope ties to keep it from falling off if the wind picks up. It's comfortable enough to wear all day, and will have everyone talking. Your girls might even try and steal it from you for themselves!

Pink Preppy XO Cowgirl Hat by Shop Eminence

Bachelorette Venmo Cards

We know that planning an event is anything but easy, but we're here to make it a little easier. It's even harder to keep track of finances for all of your girls on a night out during your bachelorette weekend. If you're looking to keep things simple, and make sure the correct person gets paid, these custom Venmo cards are just what you need. The card features the same disco cowgirl design as the invitations so you can keep your theme cohesive, and they are completely editable for your exact specifications.

DINA Collection Venmo Card by Unmeasured Events

Cowgirl Disco Confetti

Confetti is such a cute and fun way to add a little something extra to your party, especially when it matches the party theme. This disco cowgirl themed confetti has several different shapes offer, including silver disco balls and white "last dance" circles that can be customized with the brides name. We love confetti because it's cheap and easy to use throughout an event, and you can even place a few pieces in your mail out invitations to give your girls a little surprise. It's the perfect bachelorette party addition.

Disco Cowgirl Confetti by Shop Fun Fiestas

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