Charles & Tiffany's Canyon Creek Country Club Summer Wedding

Earlier this summer at The Canyon Creek country club, a private club and golf course in a suburb of Dallas, our featured couple Tiffany & Charles exchanged their "I do's". It was a beautiful Filipino American wedding that brought two different backgrounds together, merging them both into one spectacular wedding ceremony. It was a gorgeous affair filled with colorful tropical florals, cultural traditions, and a happy, beautiful couple that never stopped smiling. Photographer Ethan Yizong Xie (known professionally as Ellicia Photos) was there to photograph it all, taking these sweet photographs of their special day. Their wedding is something that just has to be seen, and we can't wait to share it with you. Follow along to see their charming Texas summer wedding in all its splendor.

The couple chose to have a first touch rather than a first look, and it looked so sweet! Interlacing fingers around a doorframe, they shared a few quiet moments to be alone before the ceremony, and just be together, even if they couldn't see one another. They both look so excited and happy in the below photos, and what a feeling that must have been. With smiles beaming wide, we can see just how wonderful this moment was. There's just something so romantic about a first touch- even though they didn't see one another beforehand, they were still able to be together. What a truly special and magical moment!

As family and friends looked on, the couple exchanged their vows and promises of forever. The venue was decorated with colorful tropical florals, and a beautiful geometric alter at the top. Subtly colored tulle pieces were tied to white chairs, with a long white carpet leading to the alter. Charles stood at the top, patiently waiting for his future bride to meet him, nervously wanting to see her in her wedding dress for the first time. Tiffany looked magnificent as she was escorted down the aisle, making her way to be next to her future husband. Holding hands, and looking at each other lovingly, they listened as the ceremony was performed, and as they exchanged their wedding vows. The couple also had a ceremonial unification, wrapping a sheer and lace garment over their shoulders in a figure eight pattern. This is meant to symbolize an eternal bond of fidelity between the two of them, and is common practice in Filipino weddings. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they couple shared a kiss, with loved ones cheering them on in celebration. It truly looked like such a beautiful wedding, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Once the ceremony was over, the couple took some time to enjoy their newlywed status, and pose for couple's portraits. They were both so happy- there wasn't a single photo where these two didn't have the biggest smiles on their faces! The way they are looking at each other shows just how in love they are, and it's such a magical thing to be able to witness. Tiffany looked beautiful in her long white gown, complete with a sheer veil and a pretty flower pinned to her hair. Her hair and makeup were perfect, capturing her beauty just right. The final touch was her colorful bouquet- an array of pinks, lilacs, and purples blended together in a stunning arrangement. Charles wore a traditional barong tagalog shirt, which is an embroidered long sleeve shirt, typically worn by men in the Philippines for special and formal occasions. He pinned a bright tropical floral to his chest, and he looked handsome for his special day. Walking along in the summer sun, we can only imagine what a captivating day this was for the happy couple.

Charles & Tiffany then made their way to the reception, making a grand entrance as they arrived, arms raised in elation and smiles flashing wide. Reception tables were decorated with white tablecloths, and brightly colored floral centerpieces, along with cutout palm leaves for style. The newlyweds sat at the forefront at their head table, in front of a geometric arch, covered in gorgeous florals and wrapped with tulle. The final touches to their table were "Mr. & Mrs." wood cutout pieces placed atop a scattering of purple flower petals, making it one of the most stunning head tables we've seen. Guests enjoyed dinner and dancing while they celebrated the happy couple, and of course, we can't forget about the desserts. Delicious looking cupcakes in shades of purple and white were set underneath their white cake, topped with a tropical flower "Mr. and Mrs." wreath- it all looked simply delectable. Cutting pieces of their cake and feeding it to one another, they snuck in a few kisses along the way. Although we weren't there to see it for ourselves, we know it was an evening to remember.

With loved ones watching and celebrating, the couple shared their first dance and husband and wife. It looked like the perfect end to a wonderful and magical day. We never get tired of seeing happy couples on their wedding day, there's always just something so special about it all. We want to extend a congratulations to the happy newlyweds on their marriage, sending them nothing but the best. Cheers and congratulations!

For their wedding reception the couple opted to use a couple of pieces from our CORA Collection. This collection features a watercolor tropical palm leaf design with an edgy cursive font. It went perfectly with the theme and colors of their wedding, aligning with their overall style and decor.

CORA Custom Signs & Cards & Gifts

Tiffany & Charles used a couple of the CORA collection custom signs to spell out exactly what they needed for their wedding day. They used a sign for party favors on display, with a sweet "thank you" written too, and tiny hand drawn black heart. The gold frame was a pretty touch to prop it up, and to keep it in good condition. These custom signs are available in either portrait or landscape mode, measured at 5x7" (portrait), or 7x5" (landscape). There is also the option for a tented landscape version, which is also 7x5" for both sides. Customize these signs however you'd like- change the font, font colors, and even background colors to make these completely your own (watercolor graphics are not editable).

The couple also put this "Cards & Gifts" sign (far right) in a matching gold frame, next to a wooden box for guests to leave their offerings. This sign features the same design as the custom versions, and is also customizable. Template is available in measurements of 5x7" (pictured below), or 8x10", so there is a size perfect for you.

They also used custom signs to make their head "Reserved" table sign (last photo below), used at their personal reception table, and a personalized notecard (note: the black camera graphic is not from Unmeasured Events) for a photo scavenger hunt game for guests to participate in. The watercolor palm tree leaves were perfect for the overall look of their wedding day decor, and it kept their stationery looks cohesive. The sign fits right in placed next to colorful tropical florals, and large cutout palm leaves.

Charles & Tiffany's summer wedding looked absolutely romantic! We loved being a small part of it, and we are so grateful to have been included. What was your favorite part from their wedding day? Let us know! Send us an email via Etsy or Instagram- either way, we want to hear from you. For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram, and scroll down below to save 10% on templates if you're planning your big day. We're here to help make event planning as easy as possible, so you can focus on what really matters.


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Venue | @canyoncreekcc
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Bride | @tiff_igwi
Groom | @charleswillich
Bride's Attire | @davidsbridal
Hair | @loloscurves
Makeup | @tjiprater
Groom's Attire | @barongsrus
Decor & Additional Signs | @amazon | @etsy | @zcreatedesign
Flowers | @anemoneduette
Deserts | @m2mbakery
Favors | @missmnativecrafts
DJ | @madleymobiledj

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