Event Planning- 6 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner

You and your partner are just getting the wedding planning process started- you're excited, but admittedly nervous or stressed. The idea of planning your own wedding doesn't thrill everyone, and that's ok! Asking for help and getting a little bit of assistance is totally normally, and even recommended. There are a ton of reasons why you might not want, or be able, to plan your wedding to make it its absolute best: time, energy, work, even family. You might not be able to fully commit to working on everything necessary, and that's where hiring a wedding planner comes in. Maybe you're unsure about whether or not you even need a wedding planner but want to know what they do to help create your dream wedding, and that's where we come in! We're always here to help you plan your best events and give you tips and insights into information for all your important moments. Follow along as we list the six best reasons you should hire a wedding planner for your most important day.

You're excited about your upcoming wedding, dreaming of the day you get to say your "I do's" with your favorite person. Once you start thinking about what needs to be done and what you want, you might not even be sure where to begin. The first initial stages of wedding planning can be overwhelming. Who do you call first, or what is the #1 priority? Finding a wedding planner who understands all of that can be a game changer- they know just what to do, and when to do it. They can map out your event timeline, creating schedules, guidelines, and work with you to get the ball rolling. Their systems and checklists can show you and your partner what needs to be done and by when, and they can give you a step by step program for creating your perfect wedding. This is massively helpful for those who love or need structure when planning an event. You and your wedding planner can work together, working through all the to-do's one by one, and it can help you feel less stressed about what need to be done. Sounds pretty fantastic if you ask us.

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After you became engaged, you probably spent time looking through wedding magazines, Pinterest boards, and websites trying to figure out what style and look you want for your wedding. Sharing your wedding inspiration with your planner will give them an idea of what you want your wedding to look like. Your ideal wedding planner will ask about colors, styles, and your overall vision to work with you in creating the best event for you. They'll want to get to know you and figure out your likes and dislikes to get a sense for what would work for you and your partner. You want your wedding day to be a reflection of your personalities and preferences, and a wedding planner can help you more than if you set out to work it all out on your own. Being able to have someone work on specifically building your dream wedding, so you can focus on other things? There's nothing quite better than that.

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Your wedding day is one of the most special and magical days of your life, and you want everything that day to run smoothly. Although there's no guarantee that there won't be any hiccups that arise, wedding planners are pros at problem solving and finding solutions to issues quickly. One of the main ifunctions of their role is to make your day nothing short of pleasant, and they know just what that takes. Your wedding planner can create a calming and structured atmosphere for everyone, taking care of the details both big and small. Talking with your planner about any potential issues or items you're worried about will create an open line of communication so that everyone knows what is most important. Addressing what you want and need ahead of time allows your wedding planner to ensure that your wedding day goes well, so you don't have to. By knowing that someone else is there to help run things, you can take a backseat and focus on just being the bride.

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Staying within your wedding budget isn't always easy. While you're in the middle of planning, you might start to realize that certain items cost more than initially thought or that you might have to cut something out to stay the course. This is where a wedding planner can truly help make everything work and come together. They work with your other vendors, ensuring that the goods and services they're providing for you work alongside your allocated budget. Your planner will coordinate with them, and you, to make sure that you're not spending over what you can, and using your money to work for you. When you first meet with your planner, you show them your preferences and ideal style that you want your wedding to be, and they can make sure that those vendors bodies of work stay within what you can spend, and they can even find you discounts or less expensive versions of something you love. You'll get the wedding of your dreams while not breaking the bank.

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The right wedding planner knows how to time manage with the best of them. Their specialty is running events on a timeline and keeping your day moving in the right direction. With the right wedding planner, no detail is overlooked and your wedding day will run accordingly, as they navigate through it all. Your day will stay on track, moving from one phase to the next, as seamlessly as possible. This is one of the biggest advantages to not planning your wedding yourself. Plenty of details are forgotten about, but your planner is there to make sure they get handled. Vendor setup and breakdown, photos, guest arrival, the reception, even factoring in potential issues- they take care of it for you! Wouldn't you rather just be the bride instead of rushing from one part of your day to the next? You'll have a more enjoyable time, and when looking back only your special day, you'll be so happy you hired someone else to manage it all.

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You deserve to enjoy your wedding, instead of playing both bride and coordinator! When you know that someone else is taking care of all the small things that are happening, you'll be less worried overall. The peace of mind that can come from being able to let someone else fix problems and coordinate your wedding for you is unmatched. Instead of worrying about catering, or the flowers, you and your partner can could be spending time with loves ones, fully immersed in the day. This reason goes hand in hand with less stress- the less stressful your wedding day, the more you can enjoy it. Without a wedding planner, you would be the ones handling all the details and making sure it all runs well. Wouldn't you rather let someone else handle all of that so you're not worried about it all? Find a wedding planner that you can build a trustful relationship with who understands your preferences, and sit back and enjoy.

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Whatever you and your significant other decide to do for your wedding day is ultimately your choice. Choosing to have a professional wedding planner help you organize everything while giving you both peace of mind can be the best thing for everyone. We recommend researching local planners and reading their clients testimonies to view their portfolios and past bodies of work. Take the time to meet with the ones you really like who can help you plan the wedding of your dreams- your best match will have your best interest in mind, and will make you feel at ease so that you can truly enjoy your special day.

Thoughts on using a wedding planner for your big day? If you used one at your wedding, was it worth it? Let us know- we want to hear from you! Drop us a message via Etsy or Instagram to connect and share your thoughts. Planning your wedding day or another event? That's where we come in. Let us help take the stress out of event planning- For more wedding inspiration, subscribe to the email list, follow us on Pinterest and scroll down below to save 10% on templates. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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