For Your Bridal Shower- Everything You Need To CreateThe Perfect Mimosa Bar

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There is just something so fun about a mimosa bar at a party- honestly, who doesn't love a good mimosa? Rather than having just your standard OJ and champagne option, a drink setup station is the much better choice. This do it yourself setup is a creative way for guests to make their perfect drink and have a good time doing it. They can pour as much or as little of either juice or champagne as they'd like, and can even add in fresh fruit for more flavor. A cute display that allows guests to make their own concoctions is a great bridal shower (or any event) activity to get everyone involved and it even doubles as a cute decoration piece. It's bound to be a crowd pleaser, and you'll find that this whole setup is so much fun, you'll want to have one at all your events. What exactly do you need for a mimosa bar setup, and what would it look like? Not to worry, we've got you covered- keep reading for what it takes to create the perfect mimosa bar setup.

The Inspiration:

Late last summer, one of our clients sent us these photos of her mimosa bar set up from one of her events, and we just loved it! Everything can be recreated easily and it makes for a great addition to any event. The blog mentions that we have it to be used for a bridal shower, but this could also be created for a bachelorette brunch, a baby shower, or even a birthday party- there is really no event where a mimosa bar isn't a good idea. Whether indoors like the photo below, or at an outdoor affair, it's a great way to share a cocktail (or mocktail) and have a good time.

Photo by Kasey May

Recreating This Mimosa Bar Setup:

Now that we've gotten a look at our inspiration, let's move into the items that we need. The important thing is to have everything set up as easy as possible, the bubbly always chilled, and to keep it fun. Guests will love all the attention to detail, and you'll be surprised just how easy recreating this look truly is. Below is everything needed for your perfect mimosa bar.

Champagne Tub

Keeping your bubbly cold is very important to making the best mimosa possible- it keeps the bubbles fresh and creates a more refreshing drink. You can always keep it in the fridge (we recommend always having a few backup bottles ready), but you don't always want to be running back every time you run out. Having a large bucket or tub that you can fill with ice and your bottles is where its at. This beverage tub is made from galvanized iron, and features two side handles for easy carrying. You can also personalize it, with one main initial, last name and one line of text, making it a great gift or just something personal. Measuring it at 21.5"x8.5", it's large enough to hold several bottles, along with ice. The perfect way to add some style and keep your beverages cool.

Personalized Champagne Bucket by Personalization Mall

Champagne Flutes

For the drink ware of choice with a mimosa, there is nothing better than a champagne flute. Even more perfect is a plastic shatterproof champagne flute, so you won't need to worry about glass breaking if something happens. These are chic, stylish, and will certainly be a big hit with your friends. Offered in packs of 2, you'll have plenty to go around and won't worry about running out. Completely reusable and recyclable, you can't go wrong.

Shatterproof Champagne Flutes by Young Ever LLC

Serving Carafes

You've got to display your juice somehow, and leaving it in its original container just won't do. Create a more cohesive look with plastic reusable serving carafes. These large carafes hold up to 50oz. of liquid, and are available in packs of two. Even better, they are reasonably priced, so you can pick up a few extra for all of your beverages of choice. Both lead and BPA free, you'll feel good about using these at your events and won't worry about any chemicals. They also feature plastic lids with a tight grip, so there won't be any fear about spillage.

Plastic Carafe by Young Ever LLC

Printed Paper Straws

We are big fans of paper straws for several reasons, with the main reason being that they are overall much better for the environment. Paper options are fully biodegradable, and create less use for plastic, which is a win win. These fun straws come in packs of 25, and are inexpensive, so you can get some style for a low price. Plus, we love the cute floral designs on these! There are so many colors, styles, and prints available, you'll have no trouble finding one you love. You and your crew will be sipping pretty in no time.

Floral Paper Straws by The Streamer Box

Signage & Tags

What's an event without the proper signage? Fruit and summer themed stationery pieces like the one below are cute and add to the overall aesthetic of a colorful or summer inspired mimosa bar. In the photo we used as our inspiration, our SAVANNAH collection watercolor peach design was used- it features watercolor peaches and cute handwritten fonts. This 8x10" sign (also pictured below) offers completely editable wording and is the perfect touch to your mimosa bar setup. Don't forget the juice tags! The same peach tags are used in the inspired photo, but you can always find another fruit or floral ( or really any other print) to suit your event needs. The below tags from our FINLEY and CALLIOPE collections are sized at 2.5x2.5" and feature watercolor florals and orange/orange blossoms respectively. Add these tags to your juice carafes for easy labeling and an adorable way to add stationery to your mimosa bar.

If you're not feeling the colorful stationery pieces, but still want a cute sign, there are plenty of options. The boho inspired sign in a cooling beige shade (last picture) is a great choice and comes with additional tags for labeling all of your items. The sign is available in an 8x10" format, with tags in sizes of 2.5x2.5" or 3.5x2" (pictured below). Edgy handwritten fonts and drawings of mimosas make for a fun and creative design. All of our items can be printed at home for your convenience, or at any professional printer. Need a recommendation? Try our our favorite printer Prints of Love! They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. You'll get high quality products you'll love delivered right to your door.

SAVANNAH Collection Mimosa Bar Sign by Unmeasured Events

FINLEY Peach Juice Tag and CALLIOPE Orange Juice Tag by Unmeasured Events

INDIE Collection Mimosa Sign & Tags by Unmeasured Events

Champagne & Sparkling Cider

Obviously, you can't have a mimosa bar without the main ingredient in bubbly. Whether it's champagne, sparkling wine, or sparkling cider for those who are sticking to a non-alcoholic version, bubbles are key to what makes a mimosa. If you're looking for a non traditional mimosa, sparkling rosé is a great choice as well and will create a slightly sweeter concoction. Looking for a recommendation for bubbles? We love quality champagne like Veuve Clicquot or Chandon, and any mid priced bottle will do the job. For sparkling cider, Martinelli's is a classic choice, and can be picked up at your local grocery store. Find your favorites, poor yourself a glass, and enjoy!

Champagne by Veuve Clicqout

Sparkling Cider by Martinelli's Co

Variety of Fresh Fruit Juices

Set out a few different flavor options for your guests. Orange juice, pineapple, cranberry, peach, and even mango are just a few different varieties you could have available. Allowing for a few different choices will let guests experiment with flavors and find the juice and bubbly mix that works best for them.

Don't Forget: Fresh Fruit

Have fresh summer fruit on hand to add that little something extra to your mimosa bar. Blueberries, strawberries, orange slices, peaches, and even cut up pineapple are great options. Set them up in individual serving bowls and enjoy! Guests will have fun mixing and matching different fruits to make their perfect mimosa. Plastic serving utensils and serving spoons are highly recommended to keep the fruit fresh and to avoid any contamination if anyone has an allergy, and it's just cleaner overall.

Now, Cheers To Your Best Bridal Shower!

What do you think about our bridal shower mimosa bar- did we forget anything? Did you have a mimosa bar at your bridal shower, and if so, how did it turn out? Let us know- send us a message via Etsy or Instagram. Either way we want to hear from you! Planning an event like a bridal shower? Let us help- scroll down below to sign up for our list and receive an extra 10% off your order. Visit our Etsy page to see all of our easy to use DIY template Collections. We're here to make event planning as easy as possible, so that you can focus on what really matters. Don't forget to visit our social media pages for even more inspiration, and tag us in your event photos- we love to see it.


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