Let's Go Ghouls! The Cutest Essentials For A Halloween Bachelorette

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Halloween and spooky season are right around the corner. If you love all things October and everything that comes with this holiday, why not incorporate it into your bachelorette party? This is one of our absolute, all time favorite themes for a bachelorette party, and it' the perfect excuse to have a little more Halloween and Fall in your life. We know that planning a party is a lot of work, and you might not know what items you need, or maybe you're just looking for a little extra inspirational help. Either way, that's where we come in. We've gathered everything you need for the perfect Halloween themed bachelorette to get you excited and have you saying "Let's Go Ghouls"! Everything from invites, to decor, and a few little extras in between, we've got you covered. Grab your "bride or die" crew and start planning your epic last getaway before you say "I do to your Boo". We hope you enjoy reading our list just as much as we did creating it.

Halloween Bachelorette Invitations

With a party theme this exciting, there's no excuse not to have matching themed invitations. They set the tone for your event, and help your girls prepare for what's to come, giving them an idea of the theme at hand. We recommend finding a template that also features an itinerary backside, so you only need one piece of stationery. Whether you're looking for something cute, or spooky there's an invitation perfect for you. Our TABITHA Collection bachelorette invite and itinerary features fun retro inspired tarot cards, spooky cats, and witch themed stars and moons, along with a cute matching font. You can edit the font and it's colors, as well as the background to make it truly yours. This invitation measures in at 5x7", making it easy to mail.

If you're looking for an invitation with a little more of a darker halloween vibe, look for invites with sugar skulls, skeletons, or something with a little day of the dead flair. This LOLA Collection bachelorette template features fun neon fonts, a neon floral skull and a fully editable layout. Perfect for the bride who loves the season and a pop of color. This design also measures in at 5x7", and can be printed at home if you're short on time. If you're looking to outsource to a professional, we recommend Prints of Love- They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. Perfect for your events and for doing a little good for the environment.

TABITHA Collection Bachelorette Invitation by Unmeasured Events

LOLA Collection Bachelorette Invitation by Unmeasured Events

The Perfect Themed Apparel

One item you absolutely cannot forget for any bachelorette is a themed shirt or tank top. They are always enjoyable, and your bride or die crew will love the commitment to the theme. Plus, the cuter they are, the more likely everyone is to continue to wear them afterwards. If you're looking for a more relaxed t-shirt style, these TABITHA "Let's Go Ghouls" versions are made from 100% super soft cotton, feature witch inspired suns, moons, and stars with black cats and a fun retro font (bonus: they match the invites too!). Available in sizes S-3XL.

For something more summer-like, a tank top is a great choice. These NOVA Collection styles are excellent for bride's who are more into a spooky and moody style of Halloween. They feature a floral skull and skeleton heart hands, with a custom gothic font. Sizes range from XS-2XL and are made from a cotton and polyester blend. Wear them on your girls brunch out, or while you're staying in having game night. You can also give these to your future bridesmaids as a way of asking them to be part of your special day.

TABITHA Collection Bachelorette Tees by Unmeasured Designs

NOVA Collection Bachelorette Tanks by Unmeasured Designs

A "Boo"-zy Banner

You can never have too many cute decor accessories for a bachelorette party, and this adorable ghost banner is no exception. These 3" Glitter cardstock pieces come in either letters, or these fun little ghosts. You can change the color of letters (the shop offers a variety of different colors) and can even customize the banner to make it perfectly unique to your bachelorette. Banner measures 4 feet by 9" when strung up, and can even be printed to fit on two lines if you're looking for a more compact option. Hang the banner in the kitchen or alongside a drink station to add some creative decorating.

Halloween Inspired Banner by Chromaticat LLC

Halloween Inspired Balloons & Balloon Decorations

Is it even a bachelorette party if there aren't decorations? We are obsessed with these fun Halloween balloons and decorative balloon arch! The wording can be printed in a variety of colors, so you can find the color scheme that's best for you. Each piece measures 13.5" when inflated, and are recommended to be taped to a wall. They arrive deflated, but come with the tools needed to inflate them to size (note: these balloons will not float with helium). Different pieces can be ordered as a set or separately, along with the wording. Choose from the ghost, disco ball, engagement ring, and stars. They are a cute addition to your party.

Create an even more fun party atmosphere by adding streamers, along with a decorative ballon arch and have it be a photo prop or just as a decorative wall piece. The balloon arch below comes in measurements starting at 5ft. to 25ft, available in five foot increments. You can mix and match the balloon pieces in halloween inspired colors, along with decorative spooky eye versions, to create your perfect backdrop, and you can even add the star wall too! Sizes of balloons will vary depending on your order, but have an average size of 13.5". It's guaranteed to be a big hit with your girls, and will be featured on plenty of Instagram posts.

"Let's go Ghouls" Balloons by Cher Can Do It

Halloween Bachelorette Balloon Banner by Cher Can Do It

"Let's Go Ghouls" Plastic Party Cups

We've been to a bachelorette party or two, and we can say from first hand experience that plastic cups are a necessity, and pretty much unbreakable, especially if you're spending time at the pool or anywhere near a hard surface. You can't just have standard red solo cups, so upgrade with these themed designs. These 16oz reusable plastic cups are not only fun, they're completely customizable. You can change the colors of both the cup and the fonts, so even if you love Halloween, you might want to switch it up with a different color scheme. There is no limit to how many you can order, and at an extremely reasonable price, you won't break the bank with ordering as many as you'd like.

Halloween Style Party Cups by Little Miss Lovely US

Spooky Season Drink Holders

For keeping your drinks cool, there's no cuter option that these "bride or die" and "let's go ghouls" options. Available in black and white, they have cute skeleton graphics and a retro ghoulish font. You can buy these in packs of anywhere from one to fifteen, in either all ghouls, brides, or ghouls with one bride. These will be used well after the party is over, and they're bound to be a hit. Dimensions are large enough to hold a slim 12oz can- which just happens to be the size of your favorite hard seltzer.

Halloween Drink Coolers by Fringe Favors

Cute & Chilling Party Game Templates

It's always a good idea to have a few party games on hand for any bachelorette. Just about everyone loves to play games, especially ones that offer a little competitive challenge. These NOVA Collection Party games stay on theme and are an engaging way to have some fun during your weekend. Whether it's party bingo, drinking games, or a night out scavenger hunt, there's a game for you. These templates feature black hand-drawn graphite florals, sugar skulls and a fun gothic themed font. You can edit these templates to make your games completely customizable to the bride to be, making them truly one of a kind. Templates are sized at 5x7", and come with two sheets when downloaded. As always, you can print these at home for your convenience. If you like this style and want to add more to your bachelorette, you can check out the collection HERE.

NOVA Collection Bachelorette Party Games by Unmeasured Events

"Boo"-zy Hangover Prevention Help

It's important to stay hydrated between glasses of wine, seltzers, and all those tequila shots that could potentially come your way during a bachelorette. Nothing is better than water, but you can never have too much help in preventing the dehydration that comes along with a night out. Just a few sprinkles of this calorie free lemon lime electrolyte mix can help add key nutrients back into your system. It also has vitamins and liver supporting ingredients to help your body metabolize your alcohol, and give you a boost of hydration. Vegan, gluten free, and sans sugar, it makes this a great way to get a little extra boost when you need it, without anything else you don't.

Cocktail Hangover Drink Mix by Uncommon Goods

No Tricks, Just Treats

We here at Unmeasured Events are big fans of sweet treats. There's nothing better than something with sugar to nibble on, and you've got to have something available for you and the girls to eat. Cookies are the perfect bachelorette party treat, and themed ones are 100% necessary. There are so many talented bakers in any city who can create adorable pieces like the ones below to really add something extra to your party, so check out your instagram or your local bakery to see what they offer. These pastel and black Halloween versions are simply too cute and will be adored by your party guests.

Halloween Bachelorette Cookies by Butter and Buckle

Party Favor Bags

Don't forget to give your girls a little something for being a part of your bachelorette. Even better is giving them something that they'll think is cute enough to use again, and that can be filled with items to help them recover from celebrating your upcoming nuptials. These handmade party favor bags have a graphic skull hand making the "rock on" symbol and a cute font that reads " 'Til Death Do us Party". Offered in sizes of 4x6", 6x8" (pictured below), or 8x12", they also have a drawstring closure. You can change wording to almost any color you'd prefer, and you can order them in as many quantities as you need. Fill them with hangover essentials like headache relief, vitamin hydration packs, gum, makeup remover, and maybe even a cute little something extra. Your ladies will appreciate the creative touch.

Halloween Bachelorette Gift Bags by Party to the People CO

Sleepy Eye Care Recovery Kit

Who doesn't love a good eye mask, especially ones that make your eyes and the skin around them feel completely rejuvenated? This eye care recovery kit has everything your eyes need to brighten up, cool down, and wake up: self cooling eye masks (in sets of 6) made with menthol and other cooling ingredients to help reduce inflammation and drying, and soothing eye lid wipes (packs of 30) that are made with tea tree oil, meant to give your eyelids a relaxing boost. These also make great additions to your hangover recovery kits, or as part of your thank you parting gift. After a few nights of little to no zzzz's, your tired eyes, and your girls', will feel blissful getting some help recovering too.

Tired Eyes Self Care Kit by Uncommon Goods

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween inspired bachelorette party ideas. If we forgot something, or you'd like to see something else, let us know- we want to hear from you! For more bachelorette and event planning ideas, subscribe to our list. We know that planning a an event can be incredibly stressful-let us take some of that away with our easy to use DIY event templates. We're always here to help- for any questions or assistance, send us a message via Etsy or Instagram. Don't forget to check out our social media pages for even more inspirational content.


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