The Best Items For Your Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

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Baby, it's cold outside! Winter is right around the corner- snow will be falling, the days are getting shorter, and the holidays are fast approaching. Winter season is from mid December to early March, and if you're planning a baby shower for this season, you might be curious about some ideas or what you need for a winter inspired baby shower. That's where we come in- we've got you covered with these cute ideas to make your winter wonderland a baby shower a success. If you've got a little snowflake on the way, or know a mama to be that loves this time of year, who is looking for some inspiration, scroll down for our favorite items for an adorable winter baby shower.


Invitations are essential to any event. They let guests know all of the important details about where to go, what time, and what to expect. If you've been reading our blogs, you know how much we love themed invitations and stationery pieces, and a baby shower is no exception. Our RORY Collection winter invitations are perfect for a winter wonderland baby shower. This design features a rose gold glitter snowflake and blush winter pine accents, along with a similar version in silver and wintergreen (not pictured). These 5x7" invitations are customizable (minus the graphics), so you can edit them to fit your party needs. Edit the wording, background color, and fonts to create your complete personalized invitation. They can be printed directly from home, any office supplier, or at our favorite printer at Prints of Love. If you're looking for similar stationery pieces from this collection, or want to see other colors available, you can see it all right HERE.

RORY Silver Winter Baby Shower Invite by Unmeasured Events

RORY Pink Winter Baby Shower Invite by Unmeasured Events

Balloon Arch Decor

A balloon arch is a fun take on something you see all the time, and it can really amplify your overall decor. You can use it to decorate a table setting, the entry to the party, or both and it will look adorable. They are also in inexpensive way to dress up your events. We love this blue, white, and silver version that also comes with silver starbursts to make it look even more winter inspired. For winter, look for darker colored balloons in hues of blue, green or red for holiday season, or pink and glitter options. Etsy, Instagram, and even local vendors can help you find the exact one you're looking to create.

Ballon Arch by The What's Poppin Balloon Decor

Snowflake Garland

Alongside balloons or as a decoration on its own, these snowflake string garlands are perfect for not just a winter baby shower, but any winter event or holiday party. Each piece comes with varying numbers of 2"-2.8" handmade paper snowflakes, in several different styles. They are easy to hang on any wall or surface, and can create a winter wonderland accent wall, and at a reasonable price, you can order enough to turn any room into a total wintery backdrop as well. Orders come in a ten count of string garland pieces, in lengths from 3ft-10ft" long so you can choose a length that's best for you.

Snowflake Garland by The Purple Dream

Custom Glitter Confetti

Confetti is always a cute and easy party decoration to make your theme really stand out, and to add something cute. It's also reasonably priced, so you can get adorable decorations without breaking the bank. You can even place a few pieces in your mail out invitations for guests to receive upon opening. This custom glitter confetti design comes with the option for just silver snowflakes, or silver and colored snowflakes (pink, blue, or lavender), with your custom name of choice. There is also the option to order just the custom name, so you can order those separately if need be. Each order consists of 10 silver glitter name confetti pieces, and 20 snowflakes. It's a great addition to a winter baby shower.

Custom Snowflake Confetti by Vine and Branches Goods

Desserts & Treats

No baby shower is complete without sweet treats for guests to enjoy. Cakes, cookies- who doesn't love something sugary? Cake and cookies are always great choices for any event, and there are plenty of local bakers who can help you create exactly what you're looking for. We love the all-out winter dessert theme that was created here for this baby shower below- snowflakes, and teddy bears, all in white and slight pink colors. It looks almost too good to eat! You don't need to go all out on the desserts like they did - any effort into treats matching the theme will be appreciated. Search local bakeries and see how they can help you create a wintery treat that everyone will love.

Winter Inspired Desserts by Sweet Lulu330

Snowflake & Winter Inspired Stir Sticks

No matter the beverage of choice being served at your baby shower, give guests something to add to their drinks to make it their own, and make it a little more adorable. These sparkling snowflake and snowball stir sticks are just too fun to not have. The sticks are made from wood similar to popsicle sticks, with the tops being made from various materials, including glitter and rhinestones to give them added shine. Each order comes with 10 pieces- 5 snowflakes, and 5 snowballs, and at an insanely good price, you can order as many as you'd like to give every guests drink an accessory. Write guests names alongside its side so that everyone can make sure that they've got their respective drinks.

Stir Sticks by Shop Sugar Parties LA

Mimosa Bar Sign

Mimosa bar's have become popular for baby shower's, as they're easy to create and most everyone loves a mimosa. Of course, what's an event without the proper signage to help you out? This RORY Collection winter mimosa bar sign features a rose gold glitter snowflake and dusty blush pink winter pine accents, mixed with custom fonts. The main sign is available in an 8x10" format, with tags in sizes of 2.5x2.5" or 3.5x2" (pictured below). Edit the fonts, wording, even background colors to make these completely unique toy your event. Place the sign alongside all your mimosa essentials, and add these tags to your juice carafes for easy labeling and an adorable way to add stationery to your mimosa bar. Curious about setting up a mimosa bar and want some ideas? HERE is everything you need to create one everyone will adore.

RORY Pink Winter Mimosa Bar Sign by Unmeasured Events

Winter Themed Gifts For Baby

Whether it's your baby shower, you're helping to plan, or even just a guests, you can't forget about the gifts. After all, one of the main objectives is to receive gifts for the newest little bundle of joy. For the winter season, nothing says colder weather quite like red flannel. Gifts like this adorable little baby onesie are just perfect. It features the word 'baby' spelled out in a red watercolor flannel on either a white, or neutral toned cotton jumper. Sized from 6M-18M, it will make any winter baby match the season. It's also important to keep the new baby as warm as possible during the winter months. Items like this baby beanie, and matching swaddle blanket will keep your little one cozy, comfortable, and warm all at once. They feature the same watercolor flannel style as the jumper, and are one size fits all. The beanie is made from 100% polyester and the blanket from 100%soft jersey cotton, keeping them as comfortable as possible. Plus, they will be adorable dressed for the season, and there's almost nothing cuter than that!

FROST Baby Onesie by Unmeasured Designs

Party Favors

Of course, you can't let your attendees leave the baby shower empty handed! Send them home with something that they can re-use that makes for nice little memento as well. These "baby it's cold outside" custom mugs are an easy party favor that your guests will surely use again. Microwave and dishwasher safe, each ceramic mug is sized at 10oz, and is available for customization. Add the name and date of your baby shower, where they can be put alongside cute snowflake graphics. Fill them with packets of hot cocoa and marshmallows for an added take home treat.

Custom Mugs by DM Home Company

What are your thoughts on our winter wonderland baby shower? Is this a theme you would go for, or was there anything we missed? Let us know- reach out via Etsy or Instagram with any questions, comments or assistance- we want to hear from you and we're always happy to help! Let us help take the stress out of event planning with our easy to use DIY templates to create your best event yet. Sign up below to be added to our list and to receive 10% off when you shop with us at our Etsy store. That way, you can focus on what truly matters most.


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