The One Where You're the Bride- Planning a "Friends" Themed Bachelorette Party

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We all know someone who's favorite TV show is the late 90's cult favorite "Friends". Honestly, we love it too! If that's you, or one of your girlfriends, this is the perfect bachelorette party theme. This is one of our favorite bachelorette party theme ideas- it's incredibly fun and unique and is certainly one that you and your girls won't soon forget. You might be thinking about what items you need for this party (besides watching episodes on repeat). We've got you covered with items we think you'll love- keep reading to see our list that will help make this "Friends" bachelorette "The one where everyone had an unforgettable time".

Bride & Bridesmaid T-shirts

Give your girls something to wear all weekend long and beyond with these adorable custom shirts, and don't forget to grab the white bride shirt too! These handmade shirts are soft and come pre-shrunk, so you won't have to worry about sizes being altered after washing. The colors on the bridal party shirts can be customized, so you can pick a color that works for you and your event.

“The one where you get married” Themed T-Shirt by Blossom and be Design CO

Themed Invitations

What's more perfect than a themed invitation for your party? This custom diy stationery invitation template features a quirky handwritten font and a modern minimalist design that perfectly works with this bachelorette party theme! They are completely editable, so you can create a one of a kind invitation that works for you and all of your event details. These 5x7" invitations can be downloaded and printed at home for your convenience, or at a professional printer. We recommend Prints of Love- They offer free 2-3 day shipping and plant a tree with every order. Perfect for your events and for doing a little good for the environment.

RACHEL Collection Bachelorette Invites by Unmeasured Events

"FRIENDS" Cookies

Cookies are the perfect bachelorette party treat, and themed ones are even better. There are so many talented bakers who can create adorable pieces like the ones below to really add something extra to your party. All of these cookies are incredibly well done, and we honestly can't pick our favorite one! Customize them with your name, as well as your girls for a fun little surprise!

"FRIENDS" Themed Bachelorette Cookies by All Purpose Cookies

Custom Sunglasses

These "Friends" themed bridal party sunglasses are so cute! Sunglasses are a fun accessory that go with any outfit, and if your bachelorette is somewhere sunny or involving any outdoor activity these are a definite must have. Personalize each pair with your bridesmaids names, and any other event details you want, including choosing from a number of different colors. These are also incredibly affordable, so you can order a few extra pairs incase someone loses theirs or you just want a few more for yourself.

"FRIENDS" Bachelorette Sunglasses by Personalized Mom

Personalized Snapchat Filter

We know that you and your girls are going to take plenty of photos during your bachelorette, so why not add in a few that are specifically customized to the event? This custom snapchat filter can be edited specifically for you and your bachelorette so you can create a one of a kind filter everyone will love. You can even try the free demo to see exactly what it will look like! This personalized template also includes downloading instructions for easy app uploading, so you can photograph the night away.

RACHEL Collection Custom Snapchat Filter by Unmeasured Events

Bridal Party Tumblers

Customized drink tumblers are a wonderful gift to give your girls as a memento from your bachelorette weekend. Every time they use them they'll be reminded of how much fun they had celebrating with you. These personalized twelve oz. metal tumblers have a clear push seal lid, are insulated to keep beverages at the perfect temperature, and are also BPA free. What's not to love about all of that? We can't get enough of the "Friends" lettering and colored dots- it's such a great touch to these customized party favors.

"FRIENDS" Inspired Tumblers by Stockton Glass

Themed Bridesmaid Makeup Bags

Give your crew a cute little something to hold all of their bachelorette party necessities in. These "Friends" inspired makeup bags are handmade and come in either black, white, or a grey tone and are editable to write any name or bridal party title. The Bags Measure in at 6 and 3/4" x 4 and 3/4" they are easily portable, and can also be used as a tiny clutch for a night out on the town.

Bridesmaid "FRIENDS" Bags by Noralee Design CO

"FRIENDS" Themed Stickers & Tags

If you're planning on giving your girls gift bags or party favors, add these cute little tags on as well! They go well with the event theme, and can be completely customized, so you can add in your girls names on each individual tag and any other party information you want. Tags can also be created to be stickers, so you can place them on candles or anything you want. This design features a themed font and modern minimalist design, and are fully editable for your party needs. Offered in measurement of 1.5", 2", or 3" you can pick the size that works for you. Our DIY templates can be printed at home or at any office or paper supplier.

RACHEL Collection Party Favor Stickers by Unmeasured Events

RACHEL Collection Welcome Tags by Unmeasured Events

Monica's Apartment Inspired Straws

Could these paper straws BE any more perfect for this bachelorette party?! Seriously, we're obsessed with how adorable they are! They are colored to match Monica's apartment and even have the yellow door frame as an attachment. Not only will they dress up your drinks, they won't do as much harm to the environment since they're paper- what a win win for everyone! These paper straws are handmade and come in packs of twelve and can be color customized as well. These are guaranteed to be a party favorite!

"FRIENDS" Theme Paper Straws by PFC Party Shop

"FRIENDS" Trivia Game

This is the ultimate party game to test your knowledge on your favorite sitcom. Test how much you really know about "Friends" with this fifty card handcrafted trivia game. Throughout the cards there are a variety of questions ranging from easy to challenging, so everyone from casual fans to die hards can play. You'll be dying from laughter with this entertaining party game.

"FRIENDS" Trivia Game by Sister Code

Hangover Recovery Kit

When the festivities are over, give your girls (and yourself) a little boost to help everyone feel better after spending a weekend having nothing but fun. These recovery kits come in a clear plastic pouch that are "Friends" themed and have a variety of products to help with that too much wine feeling. Advil, makeup remover, gum, and Liquid IV are just a few items in these cute pouches that are true after party lifesavers. These are the ultimate bachelorette party must have and you'll be so glad you bought them.

Hangover Recovery Supply Bags by Ashleigh Design Co

We hope you enjoyed our "FRIENDS" bachelorette party ideas! If we forgot something, let us know. We want to hear from you! For more bachelorette and event planning ideas, subscribe to our list. We know that planning a an event can be incredibly stressful-let us take some of that away with our easy to use DIY event templates. We're always here to help- for any questions or assistance, send us a message via Etsy or Instagram.


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