Top 10 To Do's For Your Wedding Day

 Your wedding day is supposed to be the most magical day of your life. It's supposed to be filled with butterflies in your stomach, happy tears in your eyes, and friends and family around you as far as you can see.

But what if it ends up being a series of chaotic events that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and crying stressed out tears instead?

There are so many details in a wedding, you may not realize until you're in the middle of the festivities that this is actually a HUGE production!

While the little details might be driving you up the wall, let's focus on the big picture items.

1. DO Splurge on Your Bouquet

After listening to several brides who were disappointed with their lack of floral creativity when trying to DIY their own wedding cake, we thought this to do was absolutely worth noting.

It's sort of like if you were thinking of making your own wedding shoes. You don't know how to make shoes, why even try?

Your wedding photos are going to be packed full of your floral bouquet. Just let the experts handle it and fall in love with that beautiful floral arrangement when you see it for the first time.

2. DO Hire an Incredible Photographer

I know, I know, they're pricey! But think about the benefits of hiring a truly amazing photographer. These are the images you'll be looking at for the rest of your life! These are the photos you'll be showing to your grandchildren, don't you want them to be perfect?

If it's in the budget, I highly recommend hiring a photography team so that your wedding is captured by a first shooter and a second shooter.

Just trust me on this, okay?

When your adorable niece and nephew are on their way down the aisle throwing petals and bearing rings, you do not want to miss it.


When you do begin your photographer research, make sure you have a good gut feeling about the whole thing. When you look at their photos, they should make you feel like you were actually there!

Find a photographer that helps you look less stiff and makes it a point to catch you in the moment.

Nothing is worse than stuffy posed photos.

3. DO Hire a videographer

I have yet to hear of a bride who regretted having the laughter and love of her wedding celebration stored on video for all of eternity.

I have, however, had many say that they wished they could hear the love of their life say "I do."

There are many many ways to save money when planning a wedding. Focus your funds on the items that will still be important after the wedding is over.

4. DO Arrange a Car Service or Shuttle

Unless you want to get stuck like so many before you, driving your not-so-sober groom back to your suite on your wedding night. Need I say more?

Certainly you don't want to DIY everything at your wedding ceremony.

But there are some things that are super easy to do that can shave thousands off of your expenses.

- Wedding Table DIY: Add green garland to your wedding tables instead of an elaborate floral arrangement. P.S. This also saves time! Make sure to purchase a great pair of hedge trimmers though, garland is actually really thick!

Find bulk garland at Sam's Club online.

- Bridesmaids DIY: While you're at it, use the same floral resource to DIY your bridesmaid's bouquets! This is especially simple if you're having an organic or boho celebration where bouquets don't even need to be wrapped.

Find bulk florals at Sam's Club online.

- Wedding Cake DIY: DIY the greenery on your cake. Have your bakery make the perfect cake for you and then head on over to the grocery store and pick yourself up some rosemary sprigs, olive branches, or other non-toxic greenery to add to your cake. Slice up some fig if you feel like getting crazy about it.

Have your wedding planner or someone you know and trust to assemble the cake while you get ready.

You'd be surprised at how much this can save you.

- Stationary DIY: Wedding stationary is crazy expensive! Paying someone to design something special, having it printed, having them professionally addressed, and paying for postage for your invite plus the RSVP card back to you can add up fast!

What if you said yes to the dress and not to the over-priced stationary?

DIY your stationary the easy way with fully customizable editable templates. Print at home or professionally and shave hundreds off the price of your stationary cost.

Want to save even more? Use the templates to send your invitation digitally via text or email. Tell your guests your promoting a healthy environment and going green with your wedding stationary.

6. DO Delegate

I know that you've been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl.

I know that you need this day to be absolutely perfect.

But I also know that running around trying to get everything done yourself won't accomplish that goal.

Whether you're afraid someone else will mess it up or simply afraid to ask for help, the price you pay is the same...your sanity.

Do not allow yourself to get stressed on this day. You should be showing up like the honored guest of your wedding day.

Ride that celebrity high all day long because girl, this is YOUR day!

Ask for help from people you trust, and if you trust no one - hire a wedding planner and amazing caterer, they'll basically take care of the details.

Still not about it? I would recommend skipping the DIY, buying wedding favors in bulk, and keeping copious lists.

7. DO Have Your Wedding On a Saturday

I know many brides are trying their best to be budget-conscious but if you can swing it, definitely pay the extra bit to have your wedding on a Saturday.

This means you can start earlier and end later.

Who wouldn't want their special to day to last as long as it possibly can?

8. DO a First Look

This is a controversial topic and obviously a very personal choice but hear me out before you say no.

Let's be honest and admit that weddings are mostly about friends and family and less about the couple's romantic journey together.

You don't see each other before the wedding, publicly (and not intimately!) say your vows to each other.

Get shuffled around from person to person to say congratulations and basically only meet up again for the photo-op moments.

By the end of the day you're mentally and physically drained and have no time to cuddle up together and relax because you have to be up early to see friends and family off and/or jump on a plane to the bahamas.

A first look grants you one special opportunity to see your very best friend, life partner and love of your life before anyone else arrives.

It provides you with an intimate moment to hug it out, cry, and honestly rejoice that in all of the world's people, you finally found the person you want to spend your life with.

This moment is what life is made of.

Bonus: This will give you a lot of extra time after the ceremony because you'll already have some couple shots. Less time spent with the photographer means more time celebrating with friends and family.

9. DO a lot of research before hiring a DJ or Wedding Planner

There are some things in a wedding that you can wing or DIY. There are some things that are completely non-negotiable.

If you choose to hire a DJ, make sure they have a fun personality and are super interactive. Not every group wants to dance and interact, you need someone there to help pump things up a bit and keep track of the timeline.

Your wedding planner is literally taking care of everything and you want this person to have plenty of experience and understand perfectly what you're looking for.

If you're watching the budget, you can always hire a day of event coordinator who will just oversee the actual event operations without taking a full hand in planning your wedding.

10. DO Plan Ahead

Wedding venues book of FAST. Even trying to book your venue 6-7 months in advance, you may find all the Saturdays are already booked up. It's no joke that you should book your wedding venue as soon as you know you're getting married.

Keep in mind that budget-friendly venues book up even faster.

11. DO Marry the Love of Your Life

Never settle for anything less. ♥

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Main Image Credit: @laurarobinsonphotography

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