Videography for You Wedding- 3 Reasons why it's a Must Have

Video memories can be a wonderful keepsake for important moments in your life. Wedding videography has become increasingly popular over the years and there is good reason for the increase in having video utilized. Video memories are something magical and can create a wedding souvenir that goes beyond what a photograph can show. We are big supporters of have a wedding photographer, and as wonderful as it is to have photographic mementos of your special day, there is only so much it can capture. Although good wedding videography doesn't come cheap (the average price is $1,800), if it's within your wedding budget, it's definitely worth it. If you're thinking about adding videography to your wedding day, keep reading. We've got three reasons why you should absolutely have videography on your wedding day.

The day of your wedding is a busy one. You and your partner will be busy getting ready, taking photographs. As involved as you'll both be during the events of the day, you won't be able to be there for every single important moment. You'll miss your partner getting ready on their own, how your family and friends celebrated throughout the day and many other little things. With videography, you can witness moments you wouldn't have otherwise seen, even with photography. Video captures the entirety of the day, giving you a greater look into such an important day. You can also rewatch those special moments that you were apart of, making you feel like you're right back there. It will feel like you're experiencing it all over again from a completely different viewpoint, and that's something worth paying an extra expense for. Something as incredible as that is definitely worth the cost.

Wedding photography can take you back to the moment, but it can only do so much. Going back and reminiscing through your wedding photographs will still give you an emotional response, but not the way video can. A great videographer will create a video of your wedding that is guaranteed to get you right in the feels. Music and lighting, along with the right editing will give you an emotionally charged film that can't be beat. It's like getting your own mini-movie of one of the most important days of your life. How amazing is that?! Hearing sentimental music as you watch your partner exchange vows, and as you share your first dance will allow you to relive it all as many times as you want in a completely different way than any photograph could.

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Looking through your wedding day photographs is no doubt special, but being able to relive those moments through video? Priceless. You'll be able to see and hear moments from your wedding that will take you back to that day, giving you that sensory experience that a photograph alone can't duplicate (just go back and read reason #2 above). Watch it on your anniversary or host a viewing party for family and friends. Even better is that your wedding day video can be watched with family and friends, and it can be passed down to your future children. Not only do you and your partner get to relive that special day, your loved ones do as well. All of the magic can be experienced for many years to come, and that's something that worth having.

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