Wedding Planning Tips - How to deal & What to do if it rains at your wedding

No matter how much time and energy you put into planning your wedding, there will always be something out of your control. Weather, like rainfall, is one of those things that you can't predict, and if you're having an outdoor wedding it's a factor you need to take into consideration. There is no guarantee that the skies will be sunny and blue on that day that you've chosen, and refreshing the forecast every five minutes to check won't help. This doesn't have to be a total heartbreaking scenario- in fact, you might find when it's all over that you were actually happy to have had the rain! With the right planning tools, you can prepare yourself for whatever the day pours on you (no pun intended)! Below are our best planning tips to help you prepare for this wedding day "what if" so that you can still have the most magical experience, no matter what.

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When you are planning your wedding and meeting with vendors, planner, and even your venue, this topic is one that needs to be discussed. It's incredibly important, especially if you're having an outdoor wedding in the late spring and summer months where the weather could change in a heartbeat. Talk about what their plan of action is, how they've handled it in the past, and what any additional costs might be. You also might need to factor in additional funds to your wedding budget, so ask ahead of time what certain costs might be incurred with a change in weather. Knowing all of your options will help give you more clarity and peace of mind with all of the "what if" scenarios.

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It's frustrating no doubt that the perfect day you envisioned isn't what you expected. You have every right to be upset about things not going exactly as you had planned, but there is no need to let that attitude dictate how the rest of your wedding day plays out. Allow yourself a few moments to be mad, feel frustrated- whatever emotions you're feeling, take a little time with them, and then readjust. Try to keep yourself as composed as possible- if everyone around you sees that you're not letting it ruin your day, they won't either. Once you've let those negative feels subside, start working with your planner and vendors on a solution to the problem. Being upset all day will spoil your mood, and it won't change anything, so pick yourself up, work on how to fix things, and you might find that things will actually end up being alright.

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When you met with your wedding team as you planned your day and talked about what would happen if it did rain, there was most likely a "Plan B" in mind. When the weather turns, this is the time to get working on it. Gather your crew and get to work on implementing your Plan B as soon as possible-don't wait and hope the weather might change. Let the professionals handle the heavy lifting- after all, that's what they are there for- and allow them to do their jobs. They've handled these situations before and can make sure that your day is still magical, no matter what happens. Make sure that as they day gets started, everyone is prepared for any possible scenarios and trust that they've got the tools to handle it.

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We know we've said it a million times, but be prepared for anything at your wedding! You can't go wrong with being aware and having a plan for whatever might happen during your most important day. If you know you're having your wedding in a place where rain could be a factor, it's always better to be ready for it. Even if you might not need them, purchasing "just in case" umbrellas are a good idea, so that you've got them set to go. There are dozens of cute and stylish options that you can use to accessorize and keep you dry. Even if the weather is sunny, they will look amazing as part of your wedding look. Not only are they practical, they make great props for some of your wedding photos. Find one that's either clear or translucent in color for visibility and clarity. We love these ones, and these ones as options. You might just find yourself singing in the rain with the right umbrella!

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If your wedding reception, or even ceremony is taking place outdoors, upgrade your usual wedding day tent with a clear top version. Even if the weather is gorgeous, the view from these tents is just too good to pass up. We love clear tent tops for a variety of reason, but mostly because they protect your events from the heat, wind, and especially the rain. If it does rain on your special day, just imagine how pretty and dreamlike your reception could be underneath one, especially late at night underneath twinkle lights or candles. It sounds absolutely romantic. For whatever weather is thrown your way, you'll love a tent that is a barrier between you and the elements. Plus, they are massively more stylish than your average version! You won't regret using one at your wedding, and you'll be so thankful you invested in something to help make your wedding day as magical as possible.

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When it starts to rain, one of your first thoughts might be "our wedding day pictures are going to be ruined", and that's a valid concern. But don't panic! Your wedding day pictures will not be ruined by the turn in the weather. In fact, your photos could turn out more incredible than you could have ever imagined. Your wedding photographer is a pro at creating beautiful moments, and they can turn this nightmare scenario into a dream. Let them do what they know best which is photographing the moment, rain or shine. They have more than likely handled similar scenarios in the past, which is why it is so important to see their portfolio prior to hiring them. There's also a lot to love about rainy day photos- fog, moody skies, dreamy lighting. As tricky as it might be, try to sit back, relax, and see what magic your photographer can make happen.

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Remember- After the rain, there's always a Rainbow!

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It's not ideal if your wedding day does experience rain, but it certainly isn't the worst thing that could happen. There's opportunity in every detour, and you might even find that you actually loved the turn in the weather. Being prepared for what might happen allows you to have the best plan of action for your wedding day, so that you're ready for whatever is thrown your way. Talk to everyone involved in the planning of your wedding about what they've seen or experienced to help feel better in case this does happen. You can't prevent the rain, but you can certainly learn to dance along with it.

If you had rain at your wedding, how did you prepare or plan? What can you share with those who are worried about rain at their wedding or if there are any other planning tips that we should have included? Tell us your story or let us know what we missed by sending us a message via our Instagram or Etsy- we love hearing from you. Already planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! If you're looking to take the headache out of event planning, check out our collection of DIY editable templates that will make creating your event a dream! You can view and shop our collection of templates HERE.

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